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Does anyone have itchy skin/small blisters?

Hi all - does anyone else have small nodules on the skin at the top of arms and thighs - they can get quite itchy at times - i know that aps sufferers can have rashes that are photosensitive - Ive been told mine arent - I do have raynauds and i tend to get little blisters on my fingers and hands in the winter, this is the 2nd year running at the same time of year that i get them. I dont know if this is connected to raynauds or aps - or another disorder. The little blisters ive been getting are really itchy and then burst with just a little water coming out then go quite painful. At the moment my whole body feels itchy which sometimes happens even without the blisters? Am i alone?

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Hi Emma

no hon you not alone, although my dx is aps with lupus symptoms overlap and fibro, (some lupus bloods not positive yet). I put the blisters and itchiness down to photosensitivity which is possibly linked to the lupus. Take photos if you can to show specialist, cos rashes have a nasty habit of hiding when you go see specialist.

I use boots calendula cream to sooth the itches.

Hope you feeling ok today .

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Emma, I get the little blisters, they itch like mad, I have lupus and APS, and reynauds, unfortunately I scratch mine, especially in my sleep and wake up with blood everywhere, cos I am on warfarin. Take Cetirizine and it helps the itch a bit, also on Fluoxetine for the reynauds. Worse in the sun though defo. x


Gosh this one jumped out at me. Yes I get the blisters though strangly not for a long while. I got them on my wrists and lower legs mosly showed them to docs and pharmacy people nobody knew what they were and did'nt care either. They itched like mad. I found if I popped them and the liqiud came out they did'nt itch as much and went away quicker. I also put antihistamine cream on them.


yeah funnily enough when i was itching all over last night i took a antihistamine tablet and was ok, the blisters sound just like yours as soon as they are popped they dont itch and just go really quickly. They are mainly on wrists and hands though i did get one on my hip too. the spots/nodules at the top of my arms/shoulders/thighs are always there and no amount of exfoliating gets rid of them and they go quite sore if i do - thanks all x


Hi Emma J

My upper left arm itches like crazy !! I cannot see any rash or anything but I just scratch and scratch until it becomes hot and tender. I don't know what it is - I was going to leave it but it comes and goes in the same area worse at night, so I might try some cream such as savlon to see if it improves. I am due to see Consultant in a few weeks so I will mention it and let you know what his response is.


that would be great thanks


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