Does anyone have problems with continuous bouts of infections?

Over the past 4 weeks i have had 3 lots of medication on top of my usual medications, I have had a low white cell count for 5 years but not so low that the docs will do anything.

(Have had cysts on tonsils since last November( put down by docs as "being run down") cysts behind ear then thrush in throat from antibiotics then herpes simplex(recurring) like having shingles on your face. My gp is referring back to heamatologist but just wondering if anyone else gets infections all the time on top of the other illnesses I have APS, Brochiectasis, joint hypermobility, B12 folate deficiency . . . . . .

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  • Yes i have had almost constant chest infections since my first PE 3 years ago. It is complecated by the fact that im allergic to almost all antibiotics and im sure the one i can take is no longer effective

  • Yes at times I go through phases of chest infections, but not for a while now, lately it has been the turn of my kidneys and bladder. I have awful reactions to antibiotics now, and also other drugs but since taking LDN there has been some real...

  • Thank you MaryF..will have a look at their site and try to get hold of LDN..!

    Your words mean a lot to me than my private holistic doctor whom I pay a fortune into over the years! lol (she recently upped/doubled her price too) x x x

  • Do check with your consultant who manages your Hughes Syndrome/APS with regard to your medications, this is vital! I knew as I am not on Fragmin or Warfarin that I was less complicated. However I informed all hospitals what I was doing, and my GP. Don't go it alone, you need the doctor to be able to talk to your consultant and weigh up if you are suitable according to your medication. There was concern regarding myself with my awful allergies to drugs I was monitored and started lower than other people. So what I am saying to you is it works for me, but please involve your consultant, they will not prescribe it, but need to know what you are doing. There may well be implications with Warfarin or similar. MaryF

  • Yes. A fair comment.

    I have severe medication sensitivities as well. So I'm usually very cautious with anything. I often wondered about low functioning kidney / liver (regardless of normal lab results)and as a result, there's a tendency for toxicity to pool in my blood. My observation anyway..x

    I'm not on Warfarin either - am not planning to be on W as my family members are known to have sensitivities for the drug and I probably have the same / similar genetic reactivity to W. Thank you for your advice. I'm not a "fast mover" sadly and it probably takes forever, for me to get LND all sorted out..Very helpful indeed...x x x

  • Doctor wrote to heamatologist last week and got an appointment next week. Thats superfast where i live usually takes months and months so fingers crossed they can help in some way. Its hard enough for all of us without all the extra illness on top I dont think anyone just has APS with out other things.

  • Hi beckyb

    That sounds really good. Do you also have Lupus? I agree with you. Many of us seem to have a host of many things going wrong in terms of infection if I'm honest. Are you currently on steroid or plaquenil?

  • Hi I have so far tested negative for Lupus but positive for APS, bronchiectasis and PE;s, joint hypermobility, neutropenia, B12 and folate deficient I am not on steroid or plaquenil but am on warfarin, azithromycin, b12 and folate.

    Doctors think there is something else going on but have not found what it is. They say the symptoms i get dont fit a box i.e skin rashes, infections, edema on spine, stomach problems, constant joint and muscle pain, fatigue, bladder/kidney problems . . . . ..

  • Hello hope your heamatologist will look into this and with all my best xxx

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