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does anyone experience itchy skin?

at night, afte I put the light out (Although these days usually just drop off wih ti still on, mid-chapter!) I find I get really itchy skin, especially round my hair line behind my ears adn round my neck. I am clean!! HAs anyone else had anything similar? Reminds me of th obstetri choleostatsis I had qhen pregnant, although not so chronic.

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hi Eliza- i had major skin problems last december 26 th skin pealing off feet - head swelled till ear lobes-lips nose split and bleed. ankles to neck broke out with hives like bumps? they would bleed also, when i would take a shower {not real hot } i would turn as red as a lobster!! and it would itch horribly. it took 3 months to clear, accept my feet that took another month or so. they called it hives for lack of not knowing just what it really was.i had just in resent months been put on placquinel so they thought maybe this ?? not at all, im back on it and just fine. i have alot of problems so it could of any any one or combination of these i guess. they said if it happens again we will check it further!!??? i think they should of listened to me the 1 st time? i really dont want to go thru that again. if this helps-the best thing i found was a topical cream,made by DermaRite called Renew, its latex free and its active ingreddients is dimethicone1.5 %- i tryied many and for me ,this was the best --non-perscrition .let me know how you make out- iknow what your going thru. also they did run blood tests and couldnt find anything ??----------------- jet


Hi Eliza, yes I get this too. Feels like ants crawling over me! I think it's to do with blood movement round the body (silly me...that's called circulation!!!). Maybe due to change of temperature between bedroom and sitting room? Larraine x


Hi, Eliza.

My daughter often has very itchy shin and rashes.

She describes the feeling as like having "electric Fleas" crawling around under her skin. She has been diagnosed APS positive .

Currently, she has the classic "butterfly" rash appearing on her face at times.

her GP has prescribed Corticosteroid cream for the relief of the itching, and so far it seems to be working.

I don't know if it's worse after showering but I suspect it might be.

her head also gets very itchy, especially when she gets hot.

Hope this helps.

Wayne L


I, too get veyr itchy skin and rashes. I tear my skin to pieces during the night, i am also on Warfarin, so you can imagine the bed sheets. Do take Citirizine to help me stop itching and I think it helps a little.


Ive exactly the same around my hair line all thought it was hair dye or cream but have not used anything and still really itchy. so now itchy and grey(not a good look)

sharon xx


I get very itchy arms for no apparent reason once or twice a week and take loratadne anti histamine which helps


Used to suffer from dreadful itching on my neck and arms which stopped when I started on Mepacrine (allergic to plaquenil).



Hi I take piriton daily 4 hourly and make sure i have light bed clothing or fan on, hydrocortisone cream when really bad. Hope you get it sorted. Take care Kim


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