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Chest Infections

Since I had my first clot in March 2011 I have had infection after infection. I take antibiotics but after a week or 2 off them the infection comes back.I did have pnumonia at the time I had the first clot and 3 times since and I have also been told by my rhumy that because I had multiple clots the bottom of my lung, on boh sides has died and this is a 'playground' for germs. I am also allergic to most antibiotics they cant give me the ones they would normally give. so i am going to be prone to infections but im getting them every couple of weeks. I wondered if any one else has had these kind of problems and did it eventually settle down.

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Oh dear, that sounds very uncomfortable and energy draining... hopefully somebody on here may be able to help if they have had similar! Mary F x


Hi Mararet,

I am sorry to hear all this it sounds uncomfortable as mary said this sounds so uncomfortable I hope you get answers and anyother questions we are here to help



Thank you


Hi I saw respiratory consultant recently because keep getting lower respiratory track infections ( lower lung chest infection) and gp kept giving me antibiotics but i would have temp and infection back within a week of finishing antibiotics. Consultant asked for another sputum sample, immunity bloods and then start 3 different antibiotics at varing times. 1st for 14 days high dose, wait a week then 2nd different one for 12 days, then wait a week for 3rd and hopefully last powerful dose for 12 days, then see him again. He thinks could be like u lower lung field and immune system together. Hope u get sorted soon, good luck




I too have had multiple pe's and multiple chest infections since them last February I also have emphysema and like you have allergies to many antibiotics, I can only take doxycycline and cyprofloxacilin, I have also had may times on the steroid prednisone I have been off them for about 4 weeks, and currently would say I have a mild infection that I am trying to beat naturally. My lung function is about 30% so I am pretty breathless most of the time. Where a outs do you live? My chest specialist is absolutely brilliant, I am in Berkshire.





Hi Margaret

I also got chest infection. Again the antibiotics, steroids, another inhaler and increased pain killers, mine also stem from pe, asthma n allergies too. So back to roller coaster inr.

Respiratory specialist say scarring in lungs is where the bugs hide. Chest infections worse from September to May . Roll on!!!!

I hope they settle soon, mine was about 4 years ago. This winters chest infections have'nt put me in hospital this year. So must be better than they were. Although i did by a nebuliser off ebay and doc prescribes meds for it. Saves having to go hospital just for a neb.

Hope you have a better day today.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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