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Been Recently Diagnosed With Having MGUS But Don’t Fully Understand This New Diagnosis

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Any Body Heard Of This Diagnosis As Well As An APS Sufferer

My paraproteinaemia has Raised To 20 it Was 16 in August Obviously Another Blood Test In 3 Months Time , Obviously I’m Under Hematology At Our Local Hospital

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Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) is a blood condition that happens when plasma cells (a type of white blood cell) develop unusually in your bone marrow. MGUS in itself isn't harmful and is unlikely to make you feel unwell, so it doesn't usually need treatment.

My advice to you: don't ask medical questions on any forum. Only your own doctor should answer any diagnosis about you. This includes "Dr Google" because I can guarantee, it will not help.

Many people with autoimmune conditions can have this diagnosis. You will have regular blood tests as part of your overall care.

If your haematologist was concerned, s/he would have told you. When you next see youyr haematologist, ask all the questions you have written down.

Enjoy your week-end!


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Markgammon06 in reply to lupus-support1

thank You for Your Quick Reply And Fully Understand Where You Coming And Definitely Don’t Ask Dr Google 👍🏻

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Markgammon06

Yes, if reading medical papers on google, ones I print them out and show GP, rather than just presuming, often the papers help, I am really careful what I read and where it comes from. MaryF

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GinaD in reply to lupus-support1

This post has no APS info, so : Administrators, delete away if you think you should. Dr. Google did our preform a local medical professional. I had a stress echo last week and was assured by nurses and doc that the dye being used, Definity, had no polyethalene glycol ( aka PEG,) But after the test, on my way home, my throat began to contract and I had trouble breathing. Dr. Google told me that PEG WAS in Definity and the FDA had cautioned that all patients with a history of PEG should not be tested with Definity. Given the 3-4 hour wait at local ERs, I did not want to go there unless absolutely necessary. No anaphylaxis ( which PEG usually gives me,) but we stopped at a drug store and I swallowed liquid Benadryl. I began to breath easier in a few minutes. I could not join choir practice that night as I was incredibly hoarse. But after 24 hours all symptoms were gone. So, sometimes Dr Google can help.

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hihannula in reply to GinaD

who is Dr Google?

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KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to hihannula

( Googling medical questions on Google, ie, treating Google is if Google were a “Dr.” And your living room were an exam room in an actual clinic😉)

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Its not really a doctor. Its just a satirical way of describing self diagnosis by googeling one's symptoms or questions. In my case, I went to google website and typed in " Does Definity have PEG?

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