was any female diagnosed with APS but never miscarried?

i was just wondering if anyone was ever diagnosed with having APS but never miscarried..i know men of course don't but the doctors i have gone to said if i never miscarried i don't have APS.. i never was smart or quick enough to come back with the men don't get pregnant answer.....

my rhumy says i do because he does a special test for APS and it comes up positive...i do believe him but i was curious.

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  • I had a successful pregnancy although it was pre-term due to pre-eclampsia & I had a number of complications afterwards which lead to my diagnosis of APS but technically my pregnancy was trouble free & I wasn't APS diagnosed until afterwards.......& there are some women on here who have also had successful pregnancies before APS so yes you can have APS without miscarriage......hope that helps.xxx.

  • Hi Happee1, I have not miscarried, and had two sons, but terrible pregnancies that resulted in hospital admission both times and pre-eclampsia. I have APS and first DVT was within hours of giving birth to my second son. Went temporarily blind in my left eye, and was told I narrowly avoided having a stroke by calling an ambulance at the right time. Larraine x

  • Lots of women have APS and do not miscarry. It can often develop in later years - past child bearing age. Some women only have thrombosis while others only have miscarriages - some lucky ones have both ...

  • I had my Daughter when I was 20...No other children after her- I didn't have my first known clot till I was about 32.....Then subsequently clots started happening about every two years after that...very weird. I will be 50 next month.

  • just wanted to say happee birthday to you...hope it is filled with love, fun and happiness

  • Is there a link between APS and pre-eclampsia (sorry for OT question!)?

    Many early miscarriages are missed so you may have had a very early miscarriage without knowing.

  • There is a definite link with pre-eclampsia and APS. I had pre-eclampsia in two of my pregnancies.

    [Antiphospholipid syndrome and preeclampsia.].

    Romano G, Gremese E.


    Preeclampsia is defined as gestational hypertension plus proteinuria (>/= 300 mg/day). It is a common disorder during pregnancy, accounting for about 20% of fetal mortality occurring after the 20th week of gestation. Preeclampsia is considered severe when it involves severe gestational hypertension and/or proteinuria >/= 5 g/day, or when it is associated with pulmonary edema, oliguria, thrombocytopenia, elevation of liver enzymes, or involvement of the central nervous system. Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) is at present considered one of the predisposing conditions for the occurrence of severe preeclampsia. This review provides an update of the best available treatments to prevent the evolution of APS towards severe preeclampsia. The proposedpharmacological approach, based on the use of low-dose salicylate alone or combined with lowmolecular-weight heparin, is titrated against different subsets of clinical and laboratory data. Thorough treatment and close surveillance of patients suffering from APS during pregnancy requires the expertise of a joint team consisting of gynecologists, neonatal doctors, nephrologists, anesthesiologists, and rheumatologists.


  • My wife was 16 when diagnosed with APS - was an active girl in sports, was getting low platelet counts as low as 8... started showing signs young as 13 for aps - now deals with CAPS

  • I've never been pregnant, to my knowledge, and was diagnosed while in my mid-twenties with Primary APS The diagnosis was based on multiple mini-strokes, blue mottled skin patches and very high APS antibodies in my blood. I'm now forty-eight years old and have been taking Warfarin for about fifteen years. When my INR gets too low, I experience visual disturbances, similar to what I had prior to going on anticoagulant medication and when I experienced TIA's (mini-strokes).

  • yes this happens to me too... as a matter of fact i am in a flair right now..vision is bad and sensitivity in my right side...everything is on my right side....that is where i started having problems and it just continued..nothing on my left only on my right

  • I arrived in St Thomas in 1989 demanding investigations as my legs hurt - (pregnant) with first child... both my sister had just had babies, involving clots in legs and lungs, and one sister had miscarried 7... because I was suspicious they were found, the clots, and from then on framin until term and then with next two children. So I think I had a lucky escape, and a co-incidence that my nearest hospital was tommies - lucky or what etc Mary F x

  • I had a daughter when I was 20, my son at 28 and to my knowledge no miscarriages and both pregnancies (although sick/tired) went normal and smoothly... The year after my son was born I was diagnosed by accident when I was attempting to donate eggs at a fertility clinic and they ran the recieving mother's test on me... I had been having mini strokes for the year prior and non of the specialists I saw had figured out why I was passing out periodically.

  • oh my gosh nobody else has ever said they7 passed out.. i started passing out when i was pregnant with my 2nd child and it continued for years...just be walking and whap i would be down...thank you for mentioning that part.... i thought it was just me..

  • It was the first symptom I had... after my 2nd child I started just falling over and blacking out, most of the time with no warning, no feeling light-headed or anything. I'd just wake up on the floor with a lump on my head (sitting or standing). They initially thought I was having seizures and almost took my driving license off me...

  • Me to it started during first pregnancy and like you I would be walking along and suddenly know I was going to pass out and then just go. This has been happening for 25 years but I seem to have periods when I am fine and then they start up again, even though I am now on Warfarin. It is great to know others with these symptoms! I think everyone family included just thought I was putting it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi

    I never linked the falling over without warning before, but mine started at 19 when pregnant with eldest daughter and continued ever since, though worse during pregnancies!

    Sludge blood strikes again!

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • I have miscarried though! Xxxx

  • oh my gosh this is so bizarre..no doctor ever told me that passing out is one of the symptoms..i had head scans, mri, brain scans, cat scan, family make fun of me..on and on..i can't thank you all for letting me know this happens to you too.....

  • I had pre-eclampsia with my 2nd child, as well as a placenta previa. But I managed to carry her to term and all was well. I was not diagnosed with APS for 16 years afterward.

  • thank you all for taking the time to answer my question..

  • I had miscarriage at 5 months but then had my daughter fine 16 years ago. Found out 2 years ago that I have APS and probably CAPS. Never tried to have more.

  • I have never miscarried but I only found out I was pregnant the first time after having pain and bleeding, but went on to have a normal pregnancy. Although towards the end I had a phone call from the hospital telling me to get in quick as the test they had done basically showed that the baby had died! Luckily after another test and rest both of us were fine and I went on to have another normal pregnancy 21 months later. My symptoms started during my first pregnancy with fainting and then after with vertigo, fainting. My main problems were the recurrent DVTs which started a few years after my second pregnancy.

  • Hi there.

    I had 3 children in 3 years then had my first DVT three years later. Had 10 weeks of warfarin then discharged. Had a further pregnancy 7 years later, injected Clexane every day as a prophylactic dose but that didn't prevent a further occurrence, 5 days after my son's birth so, no, no miscarriages and diagnosed with APS following last pregnancy. Mind you, could have done without the GP telling me I was bonkers to say I thought I had a DVT when it wasn't possible owing to the injections of Clexane!

  • I had 3 children, no miscarriages, my last delivery was an emergency Cesarean. There was no indication of APS other than a history of migraine headaches dating back to when I was 13. The year after my youngest child was born was when the blood clots in my brain began and I tested positive for Lupus Anti-coagulant. I was given no treatment for 8 years and finally diagnosed with APS in 2007 and anti-coagulated. Needless to say I have suffered numerous clots in my brain and lungs even after warfarin/coumadin.

  • i am sorry that the warafin isn't preventing more strokes.... it must be very scary....

  • Thanks for the Birthday wishes happee!

  • your welcome...save me some cake and ice cream...teehee

  • I had pre-eclampsia with my first child at 22, but delivered her at 37 weeks healthy. I had 2 more children at 24 and 26, full-term, no problem deliveries.

    I was diagnosed with APS at 39.

  • I have APS and with my 1st miscarriage the OB said it's just one of those things. I went on to have 2 children with no complications. I miscarried again afteer 8 weeks, again no reason. I got pregnant with our 3 child and was diagnosed with APS. I was treated accordingly for that pregnancy and the 1 preceding. So I guess what I am getting at is I had 2 children without APS treatment.

  • i am so sorry to all who have lost children due to this illness.. i have not ..at least to the best of my knowledge.....i can't imagine the heartbreak it has caused you all..i am so happy that you have been diagnosed and are able to have children...thank you all again... <3

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