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Clots, long lasting in lungs

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Has anyone that has had clots in their lungs that have lasted for a few months... in the smaller veins... even with large regular and increased blood thinner injections.

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Hi I haven't had a clot on lungs but I did have a large DVT in my right upper arm 11 years ago. I was told it would disburse once on blood thinners. However I was getting alot of pain even after 5 years. Dr ordered another ultrasound and found its still there but historic. My INR range has been altered and Warfarin dose is currently 3.5mg to 4mg and the pain has gone.

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wow! that sounds uncomfortable.. my wife is the one with APS(CAPS)... she has had a clot in the lower end of her right lung... in the small veins... her injections were increased up a few units since then and it has not gone away... and I think because where it is they can not go in and remove it...

Hi, that sound pretty nasty. I have had lung clots and it will take about six weeks for the body to reabsorb them, is that what you were asking? It's late here so im not understanding the question. Hope she's on her way to recovery!

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Hi, not had this myself, but there are many on here you have had that, I am sure you will get some replies about it. MaryF

I have a chronic DVT in my right subclavian and jugular veins but good blood flow. My son has had many PEs. Some are chronic and some go away. IThink if they were arterial it might cause concern or issues but they are venous.

My clot was in the brain, but 18 months after diagnosis they say it’s still there. Haeme said if it hasn’t gone after the first 3 months of treatment it’s unlikely to go. So I keep my fingers crossed, carry on taking the warfarin and try to ignore it and not worry too much. They say I’m stable and that’s positive.

Not always that much fun though.

I had bilateral PEs & subsequent almost total blockage of pulmonary arteries. I had PTE surgery 1999 to clear arteries but I believe there are still micro clots in both lungs. I am now 74.

Hi! I have had PE and several episodes of DVT in both legs. Blood thinners are intended to prevent the clots to get bigger, but they do not “dissolve” an existing clot. You will have to wait for your own body to do its best to break them down or create new blood vessels to restore circulation in the affected area. There are also medical procedures that can help in this process, depending on the location and severity of the blockage.

I have many pes but in my legs I have vein damage ...when become unwell it swells...when scanned it original clot from 15 years ago which has not dispersed.....they will not remove either as new veins have developed around it so would not be beneficial and sometimes can b painful due to damage..I've many scars on my legs due to the DVT damage

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