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A message to you all from Dave - Manofmendip

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I Just had a chat with Dave, at some point he will hopefully come back as an Administrator that door is left wide open for him, he asked me to tell you this:

'Please tell them that I took time out when Liza, my partner was in hospital for six months being treated for Leukaemia. She is now in remission and has been home for six months.

I have been very busy with work and my coronary bypass that I had in 2007 has now given up and I have angina again. I am going to have an angiogram and hopefully some stents fitted, in the next month or so.'

Best wishes, Dave/Manofmendip xx


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Best wishes to Dave and his family x

Thank you Mary. We wish him and his the best-est of recoveries of health. Cindy

Thanks Mary for these news about Dave and hope he will be with us again on our site very soon. Please tell him we have missed him a lot.


Best to you and your partner Dave -

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Best wishes, Dave!

Wishing the very best...

~ Blue Skies ~

Hope Dave gets well and glad his partner in remission. He is definitely missed. Please send him my best regards.

Continue to care for your partner and yourself. You are missed, but again - continue to take care. Can you feel our invisible support wave?

Please send my best to Dave, may his wife continue in her remission and his stents fitted soon and all goes well.


Sorry to hear this Dave, I’ve not been on the site for a while but like a very good friend when you return you feel at home! Take care xx

Thank you all, your love and support is lovely. XX

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Manofmendip

See you soon Dave x MaryF

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