Extensive Plaque build up in LAD from a CT Calcium Score Result

Hi: My Cholesterol test results have always been perfect. I am 71 and has treated Type 2 Diabetes for some 30 years. My blood pressure is perfect and well controlled. Can you tell me why I have this extensive plaque? Is it caused by my smoking 3 rolled tobacco smoke a day? I have never experienced any angina? I have no thyroid problems?

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  • Hi - This is a Forum for Sticky Blood/Hughes Syndrome - do you have APS or have you landed here by mistake?

  • No sticky blood or APS

  • Hi there, you have landed on the wrong forum, you can just unfollow us, I hope you find the right one, if you can't I will try and help you. MaryF

  • I would say that smoking would be one of the main causes for plaque in your arteries, also if you are on a high fat diet which you should not be due to your type 2 diabetes.

    Hope this helps, Lorraine.

  • Does gourmet answer take into account the Cholesterol con no ?

  • Lorraine: I am not on a high fat diet. I smoke only 3 cigy for 40 years and now only about 1 or two tiny rolled up tobacco per day. I am about to give it up altogether. I regularly take three tablespoon of juiced lemon fizzled with quarter table spoon of baking soda mixed with water first thing in the morning. I also occasionally take juiced garlic with ginger cooked with honey. I never have any indications of heart attack or angina pains at all. There is photographic evidence of calcification in the coronary arteries but no photo graphic evidence of extensive plaque in the LAD as it was just a report description by Imaging specialist. What is your opinion.

  • Doctors are saying that some calcification has a scaffolding effect in the lumen of the coronary arteries. Also that some plaque build up may not even calcification. What say you?

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