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Headaches - fibro or hughes

I know there a few others here who also have FM which I was diagnosed with two months ago. My headaches have been so much better since I've been on warfarin.

My inr is fine but for the last week I have had pain in the back of my head which reaches over to the front and some facial pain. Haven't had this so bad for a long time and so I went to see my osteopath who agreed he had never seen it so bad And it normally disappears after a treatment.. I asked him if it could be part of the fibro but he says it's difficult to tell. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm also wondering if it might be connected to the change from amitriptyline to duloxetine which doesn't seem to be making any difference to the fibro - making me just as fog-bound and I don't sleep so well.


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I started with headaches and facial pain, but I have been diagnosed Temporal |Artritus and I am being treated for that. Ask your Dr because it has affected my eyes because I was little late going to the Dr' because they haven't really helped me in the past, but this time they have really pulled out all the stops., I could have lost my sight altogether.


In case people wish for a more info... this looks quite clear.



I had very bad face pain been DX with T.M.J x


Myofascial pain is a very common comorbid condition with Fibro and this can cause muscular tension, restrictions, weakness and referred symptoms (neuropathic-type pain, headaches, nausea, etc). It does need a targeted treatment though - a mixture of physiotherapy, stretches, specialist myofascial release massage, injections and muscle relaxants can be used.

Amitriptyline does also have numerous withdrawal symptoms, which can include headache:


There is now a Fibromyalgia Healthunlocked Forum run by FibroAction which you could post this on. Lindsey's answer above gives the Fibro angle for Hughes it could be micro clots with a APS flare. I get this with a general tightening feeling and then when the pain subsides the area where the pain was is left very tender to the touch like a bad bruise. I given up trying to decide what its down to though!


Tried to find this site but couldn't seen it under healthunlocked. How do I find it please, Thanks


Here is a link, you will then have to join.



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