A Big Thank to Kerstin Lure2

I would like to thank Kerstin from the bottom of my heart, Kerstin has worked as a part time Administator for us on this forum for a number of months. This has has been on easy task as Kerstin does not have English as a first language!!! She has been helping us all the way from Sweden. Her contribution and unstinting kindness trying to help us all out on here has been very helpful and gratefully received. I will miss her greatly doing Administration but luckily she is NOT going away, will go back to being a member again, and hopefully take some well earned rest. THANK YOU Kerstin, you are a super star. MaryF

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  • Thank you Kerstin - for all the time and kindness you put into your work as an administrator. I'm so glad you're not going away - it's always good to hear from you.

    As the Swedes say ... tak!

    Sorry, I don't know how to say 'very much' - that's the extent of my knowledge from Wallander :) x

  • Tack (tak) is enough!

    så mycket = very much

    Thank you Kate very much. They are producing a new one (Wallander) here in Sweden. My favorite is the american Colombo from the 70th. Love that man.


  • Oo - a new Wallander! I liked the series with Krister Henriksson as Wallander - are they going to do a prequel? They seem all the rage now and they could certainly do it with character.

    Colombo is great too - we had one in the UK called Morse about 30 years ago, I liked that one :)

    Tack sa mycket

  • I have read now that they are producing 3 new films in the English version with Kenneth Branagh as Wallander in 2015.


  • I totally agree with and second what Mary has said.

    Thank you Kerstin for everything you have done.


  • It has been a real pleasure. My English has been better also.

    I love you all!


  • We love you too Kerstin.

    I hope you come back as an Admin one day.

    Dave xx

  • I have loved to work with you. It has meant a lot to me. I must not work too much at the computer though. Eyes are not 100 % and a little pain in hands also.

    By the way; how are your friends son? Did it help with baby Aspirin?


  • Hi Kerstin.

    I understand.

    No, sadly baby aspirin did not help and he is waiting for a brain scan now.


  • Thank you kerstin-- from a heart felt , sincere, feeling of all you have done for all us here on this site.

    You have been such a great help with all your knowledge and experiences in dealing with this dis-order we all share. Over the years we have been come to be very close and share alot of the same problems. I have never found any one so close to my experiences . we have talked so much on site here and also on our private sites . You and all the other administrators have always been there for us . But you dealing with another language all together and as a super job you have done. I have always told you I would love to have the opportunity to actually talk to you via the telephone . It is a wish I haven't given up on . {{ will always keep trying }} . you were always there for me at my worst and best times.Thanks for the lovely pic's and { JUST BEING YOU MY FRIEND } I look forward to many more years to come . you are a true inspiration to me . So a BIG THANK YOU - for all you have done and for always being there for me and the rest of the group .:-) :-) :-) .

    Go and deliver that speech.. -Casey and i are so proud of you and all you have accomplished

    THANKS AGAIN --------- C & J

  • I am overwhelmed by your words!

    I will not go away. Wait and see.

    I have just trained my speech. Only one word like you said. Fine. It took 10 minutes.

    Keep on your spirit!! I am sure you will be ok.


  • Thank you Mary. If someone is a superstar it must be YOU!

    I have loved this and I am going to be here but without the big responsibility.


  • Yes PLEASE don't go too far! MaryFx

  • Totally agree Kerstin - Mary is pivotal to this forum. Thank you too Mary :)

  • Thanks Kate, and I can't take all the credit, without Lynn and Dave, it would be a very tall order, and having had Kerstin for a while it made life into a 'dream team' thank goodness she is not going away... hopefully she will produce lots of exciting paintings and do even more singing! MaryFx

  • Absolutely Mary - it's a team effort without a doubt! It's running like clockwork thanks to all of you, and clearly offers much needed support to anyone who asks for it. Big thanks to you all :)

  • I noticed the subject of "her English isn't her first language" which seems to keep cropping up ...honestly...WHO CARES?

    Her dedication deserves a medal :) xx I love Wallander, too..

  • Thank you Omega. Nice of you to say so.


  • Thank you Kerstin I shall miss your wise words. xxx

  • Hallo there.

    Thank you but I am not dead! I only want to rest from the responsibility of being an Admin.

    I could never leave this site with these fantastic positive persons with the same illness as I have.

    We learn so much from eachother.


  • :)

  • Big hug's Kirstin you will be missed, thank you for your help and support.

    We will all look forward to your return, until then enjoy your well earned break. Friends are so very dear to us all, so for now my friend tac. xx

  • Thanks Jillmo!

    Keep well!


  • Glad you're well Kerstin and it's important to rest and happy you'll still be on the forum and taking care of yourself as well.

  • You did not have so much of a storm in New York City they said on the news. Hope your daughter with her 3 children was ok up North.

    Keep on the way you do. I am glad for you too that you feel much better now.


  • Thanks Kerstin. Daughter and family did get snowed in but fine now. We're expecting another storm Sunday night. It'll be Spring soon. My INR was 1.9 this week but MD doesn't want to change warfarin levels yet. She said to reduce the greens a bit. I only eat a small amount of broccoli now but will have to reduce that and start measuring how much I actually eat of it! Onward and upward.

  • Today I have a bit high INR. I will reduce my tablets with 1/4 tablet only today. I take 2 tablets every day á 2.5 mg = 5 mg/day.

    I always eat broccoli for dinner. Have probably eaten a bit too small portion lately or I do need a lower dose with 1/4 every week. We will see.

    1.9 in INR is too low. She does not understand APS probably.

    If I have that low INR I must go to my hospital and get a Fragmin shot of 5000 IE. I have never had to do that. If I have under 2.8 for one day I shall have to take that shot.

    Take care. Kerstin

  • It's all been said-My husband is a mod on another forum and I know it's time consuming and frustrating at times-but thanks.

  • Thank you so much for all your help xx

  • Hi daisyd,

    You have helped us all very much with your wise inputs. We help eachother and that is very important. I can not separate from this wonderful site which has meant and mean so much to me and my health. Keep well!


  • Kerstin just want to say thank you for the advice you have given me in my short time on this page it has helped me immensely and I truly appreciate it


  • I am so glad if I have helped you. Thank you. We all mean so much to eachother with our different symptoms and experiences. Keep well!


  • It is so awesome to have all of you here. Thank you for your time, people going through out of the ordinary experiences can feel more at ease with some one to hear then out. More than just useful information, experience and knowledge is just having someone to be compassionate and lend an ear. When you dont feel well often you (well, I) feel like a nuisance but what a blessing g to have a specific spot to visit where you know youre questions and rants are welcomed. Thanks! ! ♥

  • Kerstin. Tack så mycket. Best wishes

    Also MaryF Tack så mycket

  • Thank you Kerstin. Your advice has been invaluable .

  • Hi Lorraine44,

    I will be still be here. Thank you for your words and I wonder if you have been to Guys?

    Please give my love to your husband!


  • Hi Kerstin, no he hasn't been referred yet. The cardiologist wants to do some more tests here first. He had an ECHO a few weeks ago and has been referred to a pulmonary hypertension specialist ( apt is in March ) . He is also having a perfusion scan this week. The Prednisolone has helped with some of the symptoms but the debilitating pain in his lung continues. He has not been able to work since August. Hopefully we eventually get an answer. I hope all is well with you.

  • Hope to hear from you! I am ok. I will let you know what happens.


  • Hi Kerstin- Im just catching up after a manic week at work. Thanks so much for everything you have done to support us, we could not have managed without you. We shall look forward to you chatting with us as much as you can manage.

    You have been a superstar! 😘

  • I will be here. You can bet on that.

    Thanks Lynn!


  • Kerstin, friend of all here. We understand where you are coming from in making this decision, and I don't mean Sweden! Your contribution has been immense and we have both enjoyed and benefitted from it. But we also know that at times we have to slow down.

    Take care of yourself, and see us from time to time.

    A big thanks from another lupus anticoagulant positive :-)



  • Thank you Tim.

    Yes you are a special friend as we have Lupus-antibodies together!

    I will do exactly what you say and slow down just a little bit. It will be difficult as I love you all here.

    We learn from eachother most of all!


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