Thank you to all who replied to my last post!!

Thank you to all who replied to my last post!!

Update of my daughter, AnnMarie.

After approx. 15 hours or so of being in A Fib, All our Prayers worked. The Dr said if he couldn't get her into a normal Sinus Rhythm with the cardiac meds, he would have to shock her heart. She then reverted back to normal, no clots, they have increased her diet from NPO to clear liquids and now is on a full diet. She is exhausted but doing well and in better spirits. They will be doing tests on her heart to see if she has any damage due to being in A-Fib for so long, the Dr. said her heart was like being and running in a constant non-stop marathon. I honestly do not know what I would do without support groups like this one. I do not have many friends or family members that understands the ups and downs with these illnesses. Thank you for always being there!! :) All of you are my Angels, people that understand and are always there with words of encouragement. Darlene

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  • Wonderful news that shes on the road to recover. Now you need to really look after yourself as all this stress will have a knock on effect to you.

    Agree, just being able to talk to friends who do understand is a great support and comfort. xx

  • Thank you Holly, I definitely will look after myself. I feel so much relief now.

  • Praise God, Darlene. I am so glad your daughter is recovering. I agree with Holly- take care of your self now.

  • Rosemary, oh my goodness yes..Praise God!!

  • Hi,

    I understand a stone has fallen from your chest (we say that in Sweden) now.

    Give your beautiful AnnMarie a hugh from us here.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you so much Kerstin, oh yes that stone has been lifted. Reading all the replies kept me thinking positive thoughts. Thanks to everyone here!! 😊❤

  • Thank God!

  • Great news. The main thing with AF (Atrial fibrillation) is to be anticoaguated: I know your daughter also has APS. It is unlikely to have done any permanent damage. There is a HealthUnlocked form for AF if you want further information

  • Thank you very much for the great info with your reply.

  • So thankful for this news!!

    ( what a beautiful name, Anamarie. My mother in law is Annemarie! )

    Everyone is celebrating and sleeping restfully now, thank goodness.

    This is such a nice group , isn't it? I'm so thankful. The tone and tenor is always so gracious and kind. " High Fiving a million angels!"

  • Have a restful night, god bless everyone! May everyone stay on the mend🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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