Who to see at London Lupus Clinic


I wonder if anyone could please advice on who to see at the London Lupus Clinic at London Bridge Hospital.

My consultant is refering me to teh London Lupus Clinic but I said I would phone up and arrange it as I didnt want the appointment before scleroderma tests were done. He said who I needed to ask to see but Ive forgotten!

Who are the best people to see at the London Bridhe Hospital if your consultant thinks you might have APS and wants a second opinion before starting on warfarin. He did say that there was little chnace of getting to see professor Hughes, as has such long waiting list.

Thanks for any ideas.


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  • Google the site and study each doctor. Read their cv. This is what I did. I think three or four of the seven also specialize in APS alongside Lupus. That narrows it. Of these three or four they will have even further sub specializatins with the APS sub specialization. For example, I was struggling with my veins feeling extreme painful and my doctors in Texas were at a loss. ( yes, lots of neurological issues, but my team was stronger inTexas for this, so I had to choose where the Texas team needed shoring up. It was the vascular issues.) Dr. Natasha Jordan was the fit for me. So read up on the doctors and use your and your doctors personal spread sheet of needs.

  • Hi Kelly. Hope you doing OK. Thanks for the good advice. I'll have a good look at their specialisms.

  • De David D'Cruz is head of the Lupus Clinic at St Thomas'. He, like most of the specialists, have been taught by Professor Hughes. At the London Bridge, they all discuss their patients with one another. This is quite normal practice. You will be in good hands!

    With good wishes,


  • Thanks Ross. Does sound like a good place and well worth the long trip and fee if gets things closer to some kind of diagnosis. And tbh I wish medical ppl did a lot more sharing and consulting with each other with regard to each patient.

  • I see Professor Hughes, and have done for years, but he is no longer taking new patients, I have heard great reports regarding Dr Kaul, who works there in the clinic. I wish you all the best with your appointment. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary. I'll look into Dr kaul.

  • I see Dr Kaul can highly recommend him.He as sorted more out in two consultantions than ever was achieved since being diagnosed 4years ago. Good luck.

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