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? Dr. @ lupus center London


I have decided to go see Professor Hughes in London, but he booking appointments in June. This is a problem for me because airfare from USA, my daughters Sch., etccc. For those who have went to the Lupus Center in London is his team of doctors just as good?? Has anyone seen the other drs. & liked one of them. Please help me. For once I feel I will get the help I need. Designer16

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Professor Munther Khasmashta.. has a shorter list and works from the same perspective. Mary F x


Would also echo this and if you read some of the more recent posts on here you will see that others have high opinions of him too. I would not give the decision a second thought. Have a look at this link:



As many know I waited for an appt for 6 months start 2010. As a pensioner and living in Tropical Ausatralia, this gave me a good chance to save up for the airfare and accommodation. I asked for appt that Dec, sent referral to London Bridge Hospital from Aust specialist, as no NHS for me, so had to wait to get an appt. I asked for Dr De Cruz, told not there for most of year, They suggested Dr Kamashta, as Prof Hughes was booked till late in the year. Then 5 months later later offered an appt with Dr K in May, then offered a cancelled appt with Prof Hughes- same time? so chose Prof Hughes? The appointments are a week apart , blood tests first week, results at second appointment. Quite expensive, and the weeks accommodation, but my only way to get positive diagnosis. Family lent me a little, and I paid them back later. When there is a will there is a way!! Best of luck.


I've seen Prof Khamashta this week. He's so, so caring and knows his stuff just as much as Prof Hughes. He had no waiting list, so is ideal to see if you can't wait to see a prof Hughes.


I am delighted with Dr Khamashta. My history was unusual and all my woodwork negative and I was traumatised by the behaviour of other doctors.He was so kind I got a diagnosis that has authority. He has published loads of research. Twice since he has communicated very helpful with my local doctors. I highly recommend him. Ann


.Hthat should have been bloodwork ! :-)


Yes you're right, there is a long wait to see Professor Hughes. I know for a fact he is fully booked until the end of June.

When I first went to the London Lupus Centre I didn't ask to see anyone in particular as I didn't know any of the dr's there. I was given an appointment to see Dr Edwards. He is really nice, listens to you, he's excellent too. He supported me in raising my INR range to 3.0 - 4.5 which I'm still using as a guide and am so much better with a higher INR. I was under Dr Edwards for 2 years then I had 'problems' he felt Prof Hughes may be better to discuss and treat - just emotional issues as it had been questioned by another hospital whether I actually had Hughes Syndrome even though I've had several pe's in the past with blood clots on both lungs - so I said if I haven't got Hughes Syndrome I will stop taking my Warfarin then! Dr Edwards asked Prof Hughes if he would see me which he did and I have been with him ever since.

Speaking from experience I can highly recommend Dr Edwards. Also, if you have any questions or need help or advice don't hesitate to phone and ask to speak to the secretaries - Alison or Kim - they are both very supportive, kind, helpful and will answer your query if they can or they will find an answer and get back to you.

Hope this info helps and hope you manage to get an appointment soon, whoever you see I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Good luck.

Suzanne xx


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