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Hi everyone. I think I read somewhere that the Hughes Syndrome Foundation is always looking for specialists to add to their list. I just wanted to share my good experience that I had today with a consultant at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. Dr/Mr Perry is a consultant haematologist who does a specialist joint haematology/obstetric clinic. I was referred to him due to my pregnancy history and repeat positive lupus antibodies. I'm currently 22 weeks pregnancy on aspirin and heparin. He was fantastic, the most knowledgeable consultant I've seen to date. He looked at all my family history and my past medical history, is repeating all my antibody tests twice during pregnancy to check I'm on the right meds and said exactly what I've thought all along that Lupus Antibodies CAN cause primary infertility. This is due to the antibody affecting implantation. He also said that had I not fallen pregnant naturally then he would have put me on blood thinners to conceive. (I'm not on any medication normally) I'm so happy to have seen someone with so much knowledge and understanding. He was such a lovely guy too. Thumbs up for the NHS on this one!!!

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  • Thank you for posting this, I have sent your recommendation to HSF.

    Best wishes and good luck.


  • Hi, thanks, for pointing this out, this is great, the charity always likes to hear about new medical names to add to the useful database. MaryF

  • Wonderful to hear about a Doctor who actually does a medical history and family history - I thought that had died a death! Good luck and thanks for the recommendation.

  • Hi,

    This sounds very promising. What a doctor!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • That's great to hear. Can I also recommend Mr Hasan Shehata. He is lead on women's health and specialises in autoimmune conditions and repeated pregnancy loss. He is based at the Epsom and St Helier Trust and saved the lives of me and two of my babies.

  • Hello. Thank you for letting us know about this consultant. Whenever we get a recommendation at the Hughes Syndrome Foundation, I research all the contact details and consultant history and then Kate, the Foundation manager, will write to make sure the consultant is happy to be added to our specialist database. That's really helpful to know someone so thorough. Thanks, Yvonne (Administration Support Officer at the Hughes Syndrome Foundation).

  • Thank you for sharing this important information - Yvonne has done the research and I will be writing to both Dr Perry and Mr Shehata to make sure they're happy to be included in our directory :)

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