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Hi everyone.

Ive read on this site that many of you are on plaquenil and as i have problems with tierdness brain fog etc I thought i would ask my gp about it. Anyway ive seen him this morning and he looked it up in his 'drug bible' and because it didnt list APLS specifically he wouldnt prescribe it but did refer me to his collegue whos specialist area is rheumatology and i am seeing her on friday. What i wanted to know was is there anything i can print off to show her about APLS and Plaquenil as im really hoping she will let me give it a try. Thanks

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What is Plaquenil? Is it instead of Warfarin?


Im not entirely sure but i do know it is as well as warfrin/clexane


Plaquenil also known as Hydroxychloroquine - OK - I have APS (Hughes) and although I do not test positive for Lupus I do have some sypmtoms, ie. Extreme fatigue, brain fog, rash, cramps - so the APS clinic at St Guys hospital have tried me on Plaquenil. Now If you do a search on our webiste there are a few blogs/questions, however I did manage to find this post from Paddy sometime ago and think if you print it off it may help.


Anyhow, hope your doctor comes round, it seems such a shame that time and time again we have to educate our doctors about our condition rather than them thinking hmmm I have a patient with a condition I know little about I will research it in case they need my help and support - doh how easy would that make our life, in fact I may just add that little line as a blog today.

But for you Jumping, I really hope this info helps and and you have a good day

Smiles to you




I am on Aspirin and Plaqueneil. I do very well on them. My doctor gave me something from:

on the drug. I also have all the symptoms for Lupus, but do not test positive. Only test positive for APS. It has done wonders for me. Hope this helps.



I have removed the dead link and replaced it with the live one. x


The link did not take. go to the site and search for Hydroxychloroquine and click on the information for patients link. You can print it out for your doctor.


I dont understand what is happening to the above link because I can go to the link myself without a problem and yet when I copy it on here you get the same message that the link is broken. I will try again in a separate post and if that does not work I will copy and paste the whole article on here so that you can copy and paste it into a word doc and then take it to your Doctor.


Im going to ask HU teckies to look at this because there is nothing wrong with the link, its when it gets added here that its breaking.


Hi guys,

Might be best to copy and paste the link (without the speech marks) for now.


Will ask the tech team to look into this when they have a chance.



Thank you. Mary F x


Haha that still does not work! BUT...I think I may have solved it. Try this.......

If you copy and paste that into your browser it should work. Ive tested it and it worked on mine....please tell me somebody it works........ :-(

So to be clear DO NOT Click on this link even though it is a live link. If you do it wont work. COPY it and then paste it into a new browser window. It will either open straight up or it will open a google page which will list it as the number 1 in the list. Click on that and it will take you to the page...Phew! :-D


And here are a couple of extra studies that might help with your Doctor for good measure.


You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for trying to make it work.



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