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Plaquenil battle won :)

Well I had a long debate with the chemist who blamed me being given quinoric on the GP. It seems they have to give the generic version where possible but coud have asked for Plaquenil if they wished.

Best of all it seems the difference in price between the two is a whopping 20p how ridiculous.

So armed with the info I have got the GPs to write Plaquenil on the script and my repeat so nobody can alter it again, hopefully!

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Hi Jade

So glad you got that sorted, hope the Plaquenil helps, it does take a while, but it's definitely been helpful to some of us on here.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


A doctor, who had been a pharmaceutical rep before he went to med school, once told me that the difference between name brand and generic is usually accuracy: the generics can have as much as 40% variance from the stated amount of the therapeutic ingredient. He went on to say that in, say, antibiodics this variance does not matter. If some doses are a bit low they will statistically be leveled out by those higher doses.

No, the distinction he warned me to recognize is in those drugs designed to interfere or augment metabolism such as steroids. In THOSE drugs even a slight statistical variance can be noticed and felt. So, this doc concluded by saying generic erythromicin -- fine. Generic warfarin -- not fine. (Of course, I finally moved from name brand to generic 6 months ago and my INR remains stable. So -- was he right?)


how effective is Plaquenil?


I understand many people benefit from it a great deal. Prof Hughes considers it a drug of choice now especially in Lupus.

However many people cannot tolerate it. I suppose as we are all different the plaquenil may or may not help us.


Does the Plaquenil help with the fatigue or the memory/word finding isssues or both?


I have been told that it is amazing with fatigue and pain. But that it takes at least 3 months to take effect. So patience is needed before I will know.

Have you been offered it?


Good on you, good detective work and a great outcome. Mary F x


Me too....much to my surprise! Ive had my script changed to Plaquenil. So thats one down but still waiting to hear about Vit D etc :-(


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