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Anticardiolipins false positive

Hello everyone, I had been tested for APS after pre eclampsia and death of my son. No history of miscarriage. The first test done 15 days after my c section was positive for anticardiolipins (48). They repeated the tests 4 months after, came back at 1.2 so strong negative. All other tests are negative.

I am pregnant again, they put me on aspirin low dose 100mg but no heparin shots.I am very worried they are wrong :( my hematologist said the first blood test was just too close from pre eclampsia so not accurate. She also said that going from 48 to 1.2 in 12weeks is too fast for someone with APS. What do you think? I am so worried

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So sorry at the death of your son, that's terrible. I hope you are receiving some grieving counseling. I pray this pregnancy will give you a healthy baby.

I say you wait another couple of weeks and get tested again if nothing else.

I don't know if just being positive for anticardiolipins(aCL) means you have APS. I'm sure others as APsnotFab who know more will be along soon.


Hello and welcome. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I recently heard a top APS gyny talk about this very subject. It seems that they decide to put pregnant ladies who have tested positive and who have preeclampsia in different grades and treat them slightly differently to each other. From what she was saying it seems that giving Heparin as well as aspirin is not automatic. I have also read studies that say that in those studies there was no difference with treating with or without Heparin.

I would say that treatment will be down to the personal opinions of the specialist consultants running the clinics. What you must remember is that your Dr is not wanting to harm either you or your baby and will be doing everything in your best interest especially given your history.

You don't say how far along you are but I would think they are more worried about the preeclampsia than anything and want to watch for that. As has been suggested they could test you again but they may not be conclusive because your hormones when pregnant can interfere with it.

I would ask for a conference meeting with everyone who is involved with your care and have a list of questions they can answer. If they understand your concerns I'm sure they will explain why they are treating you as they are. Where is that BTW?

In the meantime please try to not worry and stay calm. It will not do you or the baby any good if you are stressed. Put your trust in them but ask for answers staying as calm as you can. I'm sure it will be ok.

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Thank you so much! It's a very early pregnancy, they are not concerned by other problems than pre eclampsia (no miscarriage history and no blood clot history). I have asked for a meeting with the team (knidney specialist, ob gyn and hematologist) but they all agree that going from 48 to 1.2 in such a short time (3months) is a result that shows an absence of APS and cannot be discussed. For them I maybe had an infection that's why I had anti cardiolipins. They also said that I have never had other antibodies so a single positive not persistent in time is not APS. Thank you very much for your kind words, I'm calm now and I will to relax.. it is so difficult after all I've been throught. By the way, I am from Brussels Belgium.


I hope everything goes really well for you, you will find this forum very useful and the members on here are very supportive. MaryF


Thank you for all replies ! They did a second blood test on my request and it is still totally negative,no APS.


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