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Update to Colonoscopy- Not Good

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Colonoscopy showed 2 masses at end of rectum that were biopsied and doctor thinks

are cancerous. Bleeding resulted in ambulance ride to PIEDMONT HOSPITAL and admitted to see if transfusion was necessary. Hemo labs were ok.

CT Scan and the MRI of stomach Area were done and waiting for results.

Doctor in ER asked why it took so long for colonoscopy since I have 4 months of bleeding and saw 3 doctors....

I guess the only good news is that there are no polyps.

Still on Lovonox until decision to do surgery to remove growths.

Shocked and scared. Heck of a day! πŸ™πŸ½

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S0rry things are difficu1t current1y I h0pe the h0spita1 m0ves quick1y t0 he1p y0u and p1an the next stage I h0pe y0u can re1y 0n a few friends and re1atives at such a stressfu1 time S0rry ab0ut the strange typing, new machine arriving t0day MaryF


Hi, I'm so sorry for your news, I was thinking of you yesterday. Lets hope they get the results of the biopsies soon, then you and the doctors will know what you are dealing with.

Stay strong, take a day at a time and of course, talk to us if you need to. xxxx

So unhappy about this. I am so sorry. You were so worried. Good you don't need transfusion. Now your in the hospital. Ask them about a PET scan. They can explain it to you. Keep us posted. We care and want the best for you. Try to rest and keep the faith! As Debweb says, Godspeed my friend.

sorry that you are having such a tough time. Wishing you all the best.


I hope the end of the day turned out better than the beginning of the dayπŸ¦‹

Jamaica1951 in reply to Wittycjt

Hi Cindy - I'm home and waiting for the consultation appointment with oncologist and rectal colon surgeon. I had a good conversation with an internist who was knowledgeable about APS. So refreshing! They have me on 80mg of Lovonox twice a day. Need to have INR done Friday since it was at 1.3 durning colonoscopy. If it wasn't for the news of rectal cancer I would say the colonoscopy wasn't as bad as expected.

Hope you're feeling ok today.?🌞

Wittycjt in reply to Jamaica1951

I'm great want you to be too. What was the internist' name? Try to get good rest tonight, it's good to be in your own bed

Oh heck that is not good.I hope they aren't cancerous.I am awaiting my next one so will be extra nervous.

Thinking of you

Jamaica1951 in reply to Fra22-57

Thinking of you too Fra.

Thanks, Linda

So sorry your going through this. I had a cancer scare in Feb. it was a large polyp in the lower colon turned out not cancer. But I have to go in months for another colonoscopy. I had bleeding from this too but after operation and removal bleeding stopped. I hope it turns out better than you feared. Hope you feel better soon.

Jamaica1951 in reply to Nanny23

Thanks Nanny. Waiting for appointment with Oncology and biopsy results.

I have πŸ™πŸ»

Aloha. . I have had anal squamous cell growth removed. Now, I go for f/u exam every 6 mos.

Always get regular colinoscopies, and have had benign polyps remived in the past.

On coumadin, and do Lovenox before and after surgeries.

Don't worry but make sure you've got the best rectal drs you can find and keep rheumatologist in the loop.

Kerstin from Hawaii!

Thanks for the encouragement Kerstin.

Hi Kerstin - I got the same diagnosis and the growth is 6.1cm or 2.5 inches in anus protruding to rectum wall. I see the colon rectal surgeon this Thursday for treatment plan and exam. The post surgery issues are frightening. This is so scary since I live a healthy lifestyle and I'm angry at my body. Thank God for my husband and loved ones who are helping me stay positive.

Aloha. ..

As long as the sugeon gets it all" you should be ok.

The follow up isn't too bad.

As long as you are vigilant in getting your esams, like colinoscopies and dermotologist sxams once a year.

If you've got squamous or basal cell growths you may be prone to more

Good luck!

Thanks Kerstin.

You are soo loved dear lady!

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