Warfarin andBleeding

I was taken into hospital 3 days ago with a PR bleed, first they did was stop my warfarin. Uderstandable I suppose, but they will still not let me take it, am still bleeding, but have to wait until early next week for a colonoscopy to find out why I am bleeding.

They say they have to weigh up the risk of blood clots, stroke etc to trying to stop the bleed.

Got banging headache, which is probably partly stress and partly cos not on warfarin. Feeling very insecure at the mo with the warfarin. Terrified of stroke.


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  • did they give you vitamin k because thats what they gave my dad to drive down his inr before surgery. head ache it would not surprise me, as i know that would happen to me in some instances with sudden change of anything. could the reason for the no warfarin god forbid the need surgery, of any kind ? even minor if your up talk to me buddy jet

  • They want me to be off the warfarin for the colonoscopy but wont decide any further treatment until I have had that done and they know why I am bleeding.

    Just feeling pretty scared at the mo.


  • dont want to be a pain in the butt, how about any thing [ hemorrhoidal] inner tags for instance????? just a question jet

  • sorry you reply got out before my one finger could work. i had one 3 years ago it wasnt bad , scratch last brain cramp on the hemmmmmmmm s, dont know what it is ? imhere as long as you need me to chat buddy jet

  • well good nite try for some sleep , going to try same for my self god bless get back in am , maybe a little later inmornig your friend jet

  • Had Vit K injection this morning and more bloods tomorrow to check INR, wont do the Colonoscopy until bleeding stops.


  • good morning , hope you got some sleep last nite? you should take it easy. do they know exeactly where the bleed is, maybe a cause????? -jet my hips are sore this morning, they put a round sand bag in between my heals as i was lying on my back, legs together, then they plulled my toes together and taped them that way for the entire mri.. when i first got up and walked my hips burned , now there are just sore o well ill make it i guess------------- jet

  • No at the moment they dont know where it is coming from, said they cannot feel any haemmies, but suppose it could be higher up, they said they wont know till they can put camera in and take a look.

    Hope your hips are feeling a bit better, Take care.


  • Hi Sue,

    I am sorry your having this issue the Vit K will work very quickly and should bring your INR down please keep us informed of how things are going?


  • suez - i had a colonoscopy just before aps dia. my doc was old school, i got pills and this nasty stuff to drink , an did it ever work [ strap yourself to the toilet] but it was worth it doc said it was text book couldnt of been clearer , and thats what you want. have they said anything in line with- diverticulosis or diverticulitis ??did you experance any pain or discomfort ? just a though my friend. i know some one that has it thats why i a mentioning it will be waiting to hear ------jet

  • Hi Sue, whatever the reason for the bleed. Shouldn't you be being covered by Clexane while they work out the problem? Jane

  • They did talk about giving me clexane but again because of the bleeding they weighed up the risks against each other and feel that it is more important to stop the bleed first, first Vit K injection hasnt worked, still bleeding, got to have another one today.

  • Hi Sue

    I have had a colonoscopies to remove a small polyp and further ones, a week later, to stop a bleed at the former polyp site. My polyp was removed while I had an INR of 4.0 and seemed to be fine for 4 days then the scab came of the polyp site and I went back into hospital for 3 nights, for the bleed site to be clipped, twice. When I went back in for the bleed to be stopped I was given Vit K but they agreed that it was too risky to leave me unprotected against clotting from APS, so I went onto 15,000IU shot of Fragmin once per day, which I adminstered myself. I restarted warfarin once the bleeding stopped, after the second two clips were put on on a Saturday morning. I kept the Fragmin going until my INR was above 3.3, then reduced the Fragmin to 5,000IU for a futher 3 days.

    I also had open heart surgery by coming off warfarin and converting to 15,000IU Fragmin for a week before surgery and then restarting warfarin post op and stopping Fragmin when target INR was acheived.

    I would have thought that they would want to do the colonoscopy while you are bleeding, so that they can see where it is coming from.

    Good luck.


  • Have not had a bleed today, and my INR is 1.0, will see the consultant in the morning and have phoned my Lupus nurse to come and see me tomorrow cos I am worried about the warfarin.

    Will ask about the Fragmin tomorrow, Thanx for that.


  • Are you seeing the colon consultant or the APLS consultant? Good you are seeing the Lupus nurse, she can advise you.

  • I am suprised they have taken you off warfarin. They are putting you at great risk of clotting, hence the headaches. I did not come off warfarin during my colonoscopy. It seems that the hospital you are in does not know much about APS. I ??? which consultant you are under. I attend St Thomas,s in London, where they specialize in this condition. Depending on your therapeautic range for your INR. It should not go below a certain range for you. My range is 3.5 to 4 If i go below 2.9 i start with my symptoms. I am then at risk of a stroke, heart attack and the rest. Do not be frightend to stand your ground. It,s your body. Hope this is helpfull, and you are on the mend soon.

  • my oral surgery i had to be below 2.0, when they took me of before that i had to take 81 baby asprin - suez good to hear from you my friend, i was getting worried? your going to make me lose more hair than i can afford, a simple iam here is ok -------- santa

  • Well, had blinding headache this morning and legs very very sluggish so they put me back on warfarin as i havent bled since Saturday afternoon. Had visit from colon doc and he also put me on Enaxaparin 40 mg for two weeks, so gonna be all over the place I think. Lupus nurse did not have time to come and see me today but will talk to me on phone tomorrow as I am discharged this afternoon.

    Had two choices, either stay in another 2 days and have endoscopy done or go home and have it done within two weeks. Chose to go home as I feel ok and no more bleeding at mo, just desparately needed to go home.

    Fingers crossed.

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