Colonoscopy yet again

Had colonoscopy last week.agony.Original doctor I saw prior to it wanted me to continue warfarin n said if any treatment needed duri g procedure I would have to have it repeated.Just my luck O have to have polyps removed n not sure if prolapse.still got diverticulitis too.

Why don't doctors get it.Now have to go through agony again.Appointment won't be for few month.t

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  • I find this very strange. I had a colonoscopy about 2 months ago and had to come of warfarin 5 days before procedure and take clexane injections every day instead. I had 3 polyps removed. I must admit I found the procedure ok but having to starve for 24 hours was the hard bit and the laxative which was disgusting.

  • Evening laxative didn't work.just annoying I have to go through it all again. I must be more firm with doctors. I just sit there and take everything they say.Even consultant doesn't tell me truth with my medication n conditions.

    Ahh well moan overNow for the wait with appointments. Have decided to get on with life book holiday.

    Thanks ledlegsfor your reply

  • I had a colonoscopy a few months back. The Gastro Dr checked first with Haem Dr about meds. Had to stop Rivaroxaban 24 hours and then if anything drastic (other than a couple of benign polyps removed) change to Clexane until sorted out. I was given an 'extra' dose of the wonderful laxative to make sure it wouldn't have to be repeated in a hurry!

    I also find it a bit strange to having to go through another procedure-so they didn't remove the polyps?

  • No still got them.waiting for letter to go through it all again.So annoying

  • It does appear that the dots were not joined up, I hope you have better luck 2nd time around. MaryF

  • my dr actually did this with me as well. he planned to bridge me on lovenox shots but i just hate those...they are painful to he said that as i have not had any problems with past colonoscopy's we could do the procedure without stopping warfarin. colonoscopy came back as normal so i didn't have to go through it again. i can see that having to go back to do it again would be a bummer...but it was a risk i was willing to take to not have to do lovenox shots! i really like to avoid those when i can! i guess i am a baby! :P

  • Would be a bummer ! made me laugh

    Thanksfor replying. Take care

  • I had both about 3 weeks ago did not have to stop my warfin but my INR had to be low mine is normal 3 .5 so it as to be 2.2 or they would not do it I had blood test too rock a few biopsy taken Coe they was infection they now got to have done aging go for my pre opp next week so it will be 2 weeks been to see my constant to day he sied I got celiac disease and iv had more blood test and got to go have a mri on all my bones he sed if any think come back from any more of the test he'd call my back I seem to go have tests and some think come of them as if I don't have enough think will all iv got bit fed up true be know but thanks for listening to me go on x

  • Aww bless you. Nothing is ever easier.. It just goes on n on with more problems

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