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good experience at breast clinic

Went for a biopsy today at the breast screening clinic and was dreading it, but the staff were wonderful - they apologised that I had to wait for quite a while as I would be anxious, then the nurse, radiographer made me as comfortable as they could and the nurse chatted to me whilst I was having the procedure. Afterwards I was taken into a comfortable room sat on the sofa and brought a cup of tea. The doctor had already explained to me what had been done but the nurse went through it all again and told me to ring any time if I had any questions. Back next week for the results which am hoping will be ok.

After some of the ways medical 'professionals' have spoken to me over the years this was like a breath of fresh air.


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It must have been worrying for you....glad you had some goodstaff around you with this, sure your results will be fine, thinking of you hun xx


caroline - i to think its good you have doc and nurse that are being very good with you , as this is very important, a better state of mind and comfort ! hope to hear you say that all is well , be thinking of you ------------- jet


Hi Carline,

I am glad you have the support you need and please let us know how your result goes we all here for you if you need us



Really glad it went well for you Caroline. I had to go to the Breast Clinic for a biopsy in Brighton three years ago and they were amazing. Good luck for your appointment when the results come back - fingers crossed for you.



Hi Caroline

Glad they taking care of you hon. Been through a breast cancer scare about 7 years ago. Got fingers n everything crossed for you.

Positive thoughts and hugs to you hon.

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


The support from this group is wonderful - don't know how I'd cope without it. Was so busy thinking about the procedure that I didn't think about the effect of missing two doses of warfarin, It was way down despite a hefty dose last night so spoke to the warfarin clinic nurse (also brilliant) and am taking double dose tonight and tomorrow. Have to keep it low until next Thursday in case they need to do another biopsy. But the nurse is going to get me a prescription for heparin in case I have to miss another dose.

Feeling like a total zombie today but have to get myself to the dentist for 11.30 to get my new plate - tried to change the appointment, but apparently he announced this week that he his leaving the practice today!



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