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Thank you & Merry Christmas to all


Hi all, especially the main responders on here I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for just being there. I have only recently found the forum and it has helped me understand far more and to realise that the annoying add in symptoms are not my losing the plot but genuine issues that we can al suffer with APS. It has definitely helped me through some of the dark days when my head and body are not right.

So I would like to wish US all a Merry Happy Healthy Free Flowing Issue Free Christmas and a Well Managed iNR New Year.

For those who are feeling the dark days or suffering worse our thoughts and love is with you

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Thank you, have a great time over the next few days. MaryF

Thank you and, as Mary said, have a great time over Christmas. Dave

And the same to you and all yours --C & J here in the USA

How nice of you to write the above post. We all feel happy when one of "our´s" have found the way to a better living with APS.

A Merry Christmas to you and a Healthy New Year!


We are all on a different ship in an ocean full of medical problems and troubles -- but we have this common denominator a life saver of each other.

We listen we learn , we fell sorry and feel the pain.

Having this forum and all the fantastic people in it is asset -a gift .

I know it has been my survival -place of mind - correction to the confusion. and the love and concern of the members.

Always just a click away.

Special thanks to the administrators and to all the people in the wings that make this site possible.

Kate -- Mary - Kerstin - Dave-- Suzy - Sheena -Paul - and any of the others i may have missed.

A job well done my friends -- and a heart felt thank you all

Have a very Merry Christmas and a glorious and happy New year..

As the same to all the members new and old.

This site has made my last 5 years bearable - a pure pleasure to have the opportunity to have meet you all and have you all a part of my life and well being --{and for those whom really know me AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE } LOL..

Best to all--------------------------- Casey and J :-) :-) :-)

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A heart felt thank you to you also and I wish you a HEALTHY NEW YEAR in 2015!!!


Merry Christmas and love this forum also. Without it I would be lost.

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Merry Christmas Loretta in New York City from Kerstin in Stockholm

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Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

Hear hear I couldn't have said it better. Thank you to everyone and I'm hoping that you all have A Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2015.

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