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Low platelet levels in pregnancy. When were you advised to stop taking anticoagulants?

Hi all,

Just having a read through my maternity notes and noticed as of my last blood test, my platelets were 120 (normal range 140-400)

I am due to see an anaesthetist soon to discuss birth. Because of my slightly prolonged APTT he was concerned about bleeding (I have had a bleeding episode in the past). My haematologist wasn't concerned about bleeding, and as my reynauds has gotten much worst in pregnancy advised that I can continue aspirin until delivery (previously she advised to stop at 36 weeks - which in fairness I wasn't comfortable with)

I am now wondering if others stopped aspirin pre delivery or keep it going? And if anyone has had low platelet levels during delivery and if it had any effect?

Thanks in advance

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I only had Fragmin during my pregnancies. My only advice is that you make sure that all involved medically speaking in your situation talk to each other, so if you are concerned write to them all in one email. You can normally email their secretaries marked for the attention of the consultants, it will get through. MaryF


Thanks Mary, I don't really want to stop the aspirin but don't want to end up haemorrhaging either. Why is life not simple?

I think I'll email my haematologist and print her response add it to my notes and take it with me to the anaesthetist appointment.


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