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Hello I need some advice on dvt

I have some questions to ask. About 10 months ago I was diagnosed with dvt I took medicines for 3 months and I was clear from it. Now I went to doctor as my leg was a bit swollen gp sent me to hospital to do x-ray and a blood test. My blood test was fine but they saw something on x ray and they told that I got dvt again. Is it possible for blood test to be normal and scan to show that there is. Just I didn't trust the doctor who was doing scan for me.

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Hi and welcome, where are you located? Does anybody in your family past or present have autoimmune disease including Thyroid? Or history of blood clots - heart attacks or strokes at an early age and perhaps with women miscarriages?

In any case it does depend what blood tests are done, the D Dimer can sometimes be inaccurate, However you could ask your GP/or doctor at the hospital to do these three tests::

1. Anticardiolipin Antibodies (aCL)

2. Lupus Anticoagulant (LA) ** (but will not be accurate if you are on Warfarin)

3. Beta2GP1

I hope this helps. The second test is not a test for Lupus, it is a test for Hughes Syndrome/APS.



Hello thank you for your reply. No nobody in the history has dvt or early stroke or anything. No nothing like that. I developed dvt after having my 3 child. With other two I didn't had anything.


Ok, not everybody has a family history, I really suggest you get tested, with the above 3 tests as soon as possible, and come back to us if we can help you. MaryF


Did the doctor also do an ultrasound for this, current, suspected DVT?


Doctor done scan. It did show that there is dvt. But I didn't trust doctor who done scan for me.

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It is possible for the blood to be ok but to show on ultrasound


But really if they didn't do scan for me and trusted a blood test I would not know that I got it.


Sad, but true!


Fortunately he made sure😌


I'm happy that they did it and checked it proporly. But my leg in not that much as a first time I had it and not that much swollen. As doctor said that I got quite big blood clot.


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