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Low dose aspirin with Coumadin?

I am having a problem with keeping my INR at an acceptable (to me) level. My GP is satisfied with it being at 1.4, while my rheumy suggests between 3 and 3.5. My rheumy suggested that I begin low dose aspirin therapy along with my coumadin. Will this affect my INR in a measurable fashion? Are there benefits to low dose aspirin that I am unaware of? I would have asked her myself, but this suggestion came somewhere in a 2 hour new patient consultation, and I only ran across it in my notes when I got home.

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Your Rheumy is correct on the INR level as that is what Prof Hughes always advocates it should be around. As for taking Aspirin along side the warfarin. well if you are not sure about anything and there was no definite instructions in conversation, just something in the notes, I would ask this to clarified.

Can you either call his secretary or email her with the questions you would like answering? That way she could either call or email you back after she has clarified in with your Rheumy and everything will be clear in your mind about what you should be doing.

Best to be safe and you will feel more relaxed about things too.


I am sure that i have read on here on previous posts that some people take aspirin too. My INR target is 4.0 with a range of 3.5 to 4.5 and my INR is all over, I have been having weekly tests since about Nov and the longest I've gone between tests is 2 weeks. I had in my mind to ask my Rheumy about the aspirin as well and your post has just made me realise that I completely forgot to do so.

I am pretty certain you will get some more anwers on this and maybe have a trawl back through older posts.


My level is kept at between 3.5 to 5. I seem to be fine at that level. I would seriously talk to your Rheumy and get him to call your doctor. 1.4 seems really way to low and good luck to you.


Hi Wojo,

I agree with most of what people have said get clarification on what the docs not means and that way you know what you heading for. Regarding taking Asprin and warferin yes there are a number of people that do this again it is done under supervision as taking 2 blood thinners could swing your levels to much the other way.

Regarding the level 1.4 is very low and you need to raise this with doc. Prof Hughes recommend an INR of 3.5 but this is average on what he belives will keep your blood thin enough to not clot every one is diffrent so it may be your INR needs to be set Higher but then you will need to ensure it does not go to high for internal bleeding etc.

So if you feel it to low tell them the level Prof hughes says and if you need can send some infor to show him what prof says and talk if all else fails let us know and will send some reports you can give to doc.or tell him to look at



Hi Wojorox

Professor Hughes told be to aim for an INR of 4.0 (target range 3.8 - 4.2) and to take 75mg aspirin too. Aspirin, as I understand it, does not affect INR reading at all; as it works on the platelets whereas warfarin competes with Vit K in the liver reducing the production of clotting factors.

An INR of 1.4 is way too low to make you safe and feeling reasonably normal in Hughes. Where do you live in the world? Is it possible for you to get to see Professor Hughes, in London. I saw him on Wednesday this week and, as ever, he was very very helpful.

Best wishes.



Agree 1.4 is low, indeed frighteningly low for anyone with Hughes! Sounds like a better informed Rhumy.

Was only ever on low dose aspirin for six months after a hole in the heart repaired when risks were higher than normal.


My rheumotologist prefers my INR to be 3.5 to 4. He also prescribed a 325 mg aspirin daily. And, I am on plaquinil. I have no problems with bruising unless I hit something really hard. Then the bruise might be a little bigger than a person not on thinners.


wow your rhumys all have you much higher than mine has me..he has me at 2.5 -2.9..i take coumadin..5mg for 5 days and 7.5 2 days..and low dose aspirin..


An inr of 1.0

Is standard and most people who take no type of blood thinner have an inr of 1.0 . So yes it is very low


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