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Alternative to aspirin?

Diagnosed as having APS after a major clot (and several smaller/query clots) 20 yrs ago - but now test negative and have done for 15 yrs...

Have been on low dose aspirin for 15+yrs. Recently having some gastrointestinal problems -worried aspirin is causing me problems...

Has anyone any experience of the alternatives Clopidogrel or Dipyridamole?

My GP said he would have to look into their suitability for someone with APS - and I thought I could see if any one here had experience of them too...

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Hi Lucky

Again, taken from my mammoth copy writing task of the HSF revised website:

Clopidogrel (Plavix)

There are occasional patients who cannot tolerate aspirin, particular those with digestive problems and asthmatics. A very useful alternative with similar anti-platelet effects is clopidogrel, which has the trade name of Plavix in the UK.

Clopidogrel has a mechanism similar to aspirin in making platelets less ‘sticky’ and a similar dosage is taken – usually 75mg daily.

It does not have the irritant effects on the stomach which can occur with aspirin, neither is it a problem in asthmatics who may prove allergic to aspirin.

Although much more expensive than aspirin, clopidogrel is widely used for prevention of stroke and heart attack, and has proved to be successful in a number of Hughes Syndrome patients.

Hope this helps.


Hi there. this is an interesting post. I too take asprin being a negative tester myself after numerous clots. My daughter is also on it... I hope we can continue with it.... however we hope that by taking it after our largest meal of the day in the evening this will not cause irritation. So far so good. Good luck with your investigations. Mary F


Thanks ...sounds like this might be an avenue for me to go down - if I continue having problems it won't be aspirin related...and if I don't that will be a diagnosis! (Although expensive for the NHS!)


Sorry MaryF -cross posted

I take mine with my biggest meal of the day - Lunch....and not sure aspirin is the problem ...

Had an hospital stay 3 weeks ago - and no diagnosis why as yet...but did suffer terrible pain (so bad I had a morphine injection) - much better now - off the ortho morph today! Yeah!

VQ scan clear -but GP suggested a microclot (also had pleuritic pain and coughing up small amount of blood)

But...symptoms came on after a big meal and I had terrible wind before- especially 'burping' - and still suffering now a bit on antacid medication and gaviscon - just would be wonderful to be able get the long term aspirin use out of the equation...


Oh, the best of luck with your hospital antics and investigations,,, let us know what happens xxxx


Are none of you taking Omeprazole? Its also called Losec. As soon as I was put on Aspirin I was put on that its a proton pump inhibiter so will protect your tummies. I was also given EC (Enteric coated) Aspirin which again helps the tummy.

Thankfully I have stopped the Aspirin now because I have been put on Heparin and from next week will start the wean onto warfarin. The Gerd has improved a lot but I have to say that I still have to take the Omeprazole from time to time as I think that my GERD is Sjogrens related.


I was put on Omeprazole in the hospital and on release but was still having problems - so have been on Lansoprazole (which apparently is a newer better version of Omeprazole) for almost a week and my acid reflux is much better...they are both also a treatment for an ulcer.

I always take enteric coated aspirin - I buy it myself because on prescription you used to only get the ones that you disperse in water and I used to be bad at taking it...

MY GP is now awaiting confirmation from a haemotologist that Clopidogrel is suitable for long term use ...I would like to get off the aspirin and the lansoprazole and see how I get on ....if I have an underlying problem I'm thinking it will flare up again even without the aspirin....and then i will be on the way to a diagnosis... even though it is getting better I don't want a possible repeat of that hanging over me...

I did take Zantac 4 yrs ago - when pregnant - which is bad enough for indigestion without the aspirin...and that did work then...


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