Bruising after kick from horse

I was kicked in the leg by my daughter's horse this morning. I called my GP for advice and I'm now waiting on her to call back. My leg and part of my foot is bruised, swollen and firm to touch. I have my leg on a packet of frozen peas which is helping with the pain. I know this will get worse before it gets better but just not sure if I should wait it out. I have Hughes Syndrome and take warfarin (INR 3.5 - 4.5) and aspirin. I previously had a DVT on this leg.

I just wondered if anyone has had a similar injury and how you dealt with it,


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  • Oh dear! Sounds painful. I haven't had an injury like that but you've done the right thing contacting Dr for advice - my inr range is the same and I would've phoned GP as well. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Yllek, my GP eventually got back to me but I now wish I had gone straight to A&E. I had 2 nights in hospital and got home yesterday, I'm so glad to back to home comforts, 🙂 x

  • Sit tight and await what GP is saying? They might ask you to go in, which I hope they do. Hopefully you have got off lightly, but if this worsens ring up again! MaryF

  • Thanks Mary, pain is getting worse so I hope she calls soon, x

  • If they have not give you a time for the call back ring again, and explain it is getting worse. Actually my practice always rings after the morning clinics are done and dusted usually late lunch time, early afternoon. MaryF

  • Yes, I will do. If it gets bad my husband will take me to A&E when he gets home from work, x

  • Does bad bruising lead to blood clots. I realize bruise is bleeding under skin and body has to clot tk keep it from continued bleeding? When I get hurtmy bbruises usually for an grow for two or three days. But I don't worry about it. Should I?

  • I think any serious knock needs to be checked if you continue to bruise and swell. Superficial injuries are normally considered non serious, however if they change or there are increased symptoms, always get checked out.


  • Hi MaryF, I ended up in Ninewlls hospital in Dundee for 2 nights. The Doctors were worried I might develop 'Compartment Syndrome'. There was a lot of pressure built up in my leg but thankfully it eased slightly and I was lucky. It's still very swollen and firm but keeping ice on it helps. I have a fracture on the top of my foot where her hoof landed. Next time I won't wait so long and go straight to A&E (I hope there won't be a next time!) My APS specialist is based in Ninewells and gave Doctors treating me advise on my condition so they allowed me to stay on warfarin. So glad to be home now, 🙂 x

  • HI, I am so pleased you went, hope you mend quickly. MaryF

  • Thanks for your support Mary, x

  • Hi SoulRebel, I'm not sure if bad bruising leads to blood clots. My injury has left me badly bruised by I'm still taking warfarin so that should reduce chances of clots developing, 🙂 x

  • AvsG I hope by the time you read this you have had a call back from the GP. If not I would call again and say its urgent. My GP usually asks that you tell them to mention if the call is urgent so the Dr knows to prioritise it. Personally I think you will have to get it checked in Hospital.

  • Hi ApsnotFab, in future I will tell receptionist it's urgent as I waited until 3.45pm for GP to call. By then the pain was much worse and I knew I had to go to hospital. I ended up in A&E in Perth Royal Infirmary and was transferred to Ninewells in Dundee in case they had to operate. Thankfully, pressure eased a bit and no operation needed. I got home yesterday and glad to get a better nights sleep, 🙂 x

  • Thank you for letting us know you are ok as Ive been think about you. I think this is a lesson for all of us that we must insist to GP Receptionists that it is urgent so that they can prioritise calls.

    I also think that if in doubt we need to be more proactive. We must accept that we have a life threatening disease and we are not wasting peoples time when things happen to us which necessitate going to A&E. We should stop worrying about that and be safe rather than sorry.

  • Yes, I quite agree and thank you everyone for your support, x

  • Avril I too was kicked by a horse and also fell from my scooter and onto my knee., each incident developed into blood clots. I was anticoagulated at the time and had also had a previous DVT incident in my thigh.

    If the pain persists and swelling increases,take yourself to A&E and have an Ultra Sound done of your leg.

    Each time my anticoagulation was increased after diagnosis of clotting.

  • Hi Maple, so far no blood clots but lots of swelling and pain. I've managed to stay on warfarin and aspirin as normal, thank goodness, 🙂 x

  • Hi AvsG,

    I remember you were on Fragmin shots before. Have you changed to Warfarin now? What INR do you have today?

    What did your GP say when he called you about it and did he think you could stay at home without showing it at the hospital as APsnotFab suggested?

    Take good care!


  • Hi Kerstin, I've always taken warfarin since diagnosis three and a half years ago. My INR is 3.5 - 4.5 and I self test and manage really well. I take Aspirin now as well. I use Fragmin if my INR is below 3.0. My GP said I could manage it at home with ice packs but when I told her it was swollen and hard and pain was worse she said I had to get to A&E as quickly as possible. She was worried I would develop 'Compartment Syndrome'. Thankfully I didn't and now I'm glad to be home. I waited all day for GP to call back and now wish I had just gone to A&E, 🙂 x

  • Glad to hear that you were seen in Hospital, rest and keep it up and you will be back to the stables soon

  • I wrote my answer to you exactly when you were writing all the other answers. So glad everything worked out fine for you.

    I wonder what "Compartment Syndrome" could be.


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