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Hi, just wondered if you could give me some advice, I have SLE, APS, Raynauds, Sjogrens, Vasovagal Syncope, pacemaker, I have had a PE 2 years ago and I have very low platelets and struggle to keep my INR stable. I am always covered in bruises but usually never know how I have done them but on Friday I fell off a chair and landed on my stomach but must of caught my thigh on something on way down as I have had a big bruise appear. Usually bruising isn't that painful and I have a pretty high pain threshold so usually try ignore it as much as I can but my left leg feels like a dead weight and is constantly throbbing making it hard to move/walk. I have been trying to ignore it telling myself it's just a bruise but it's a lot of pain for a bruise and it's hard to touch, with a hard lump and swelling, do you suggest I get this checked out or do you think it will get easier as it heals? Thanks Sam

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  • I would have it checked as the results that could come about would be worth the visit .. an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure---- It just sounds to me there's more to it than just a bruise and bruises themselves can't be ignored- hope to hear you had it looked at- let me know ---jet

  • With our condition its always worth getting things checked if things are bothering you. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Hello I get covered in big black bruises that seem very hard in the centre of the bruise, this is likely the impact area. They take about 2/3 weeks to go but are painful throughout the course of them. They do distress me and look unsightly as they are an indication that I have to be careful. When I have had a big bruise, they seem to leave a stain under the skin which is slightly darker than the rest of my skin. I have spoken to proff Hughes about this and he said whilst I am on warfarin , it is likely the aspirin that causes a lot of this. He did suggest cutting this down to an aspirin 75mg on alternate days. It doesn't seem to have made a great difference. But hey ho I'm ok...x

  • Wow! You are the only other person I've heard of whose bruises don't completely fade. I look like an iv drug user bc the bruises on my arms where blood has been drawn won't fade and my legs have spots left where I was bruised years ago. Did he elaborate on why they don't fade or have any suggestions on how to make them go away? I'm self conscious about them. Looks horrible especially since I work in a hospital. I thought maybe it was due to the iron I'm taking. Do you take iron supplements?

  • If you are on warfarin, bruising happens even with the slightest knock. If you are taking warfarin, you should not be taking aspirin. I dread the winter and the icy pavements. I hope you will feel more comfortable soon.

  • Hello Prof Hughes is my Consultant and aspirin has been prescribed by him. A lot of patients take this in small doses, it helps with platelet stickiness and arterial clotting.

  • I was told by my anticoagulant unit if I got at bruise with a hard lump I need to be checked out in a E.R. It would most likely ease your mind.

    Hope this helps


  • I was not sure about the combining warfarin and aspirin. There is so much more to learn and we can only do so by passing on the info. Many thanks.

  • Thank you for your help, I spike to my coagulation nurse and she told me to get it checked out. My Dr said I had had a nasty bump and there was a lot of internal bleeding and trauma to the muscle, he said as I am on immune suppressant drugs it will take longer to heal but all looks ok other than the pain. I saw Proff Hughes a while ago and as I am on a lot of meds including warfarin it was decided I should not be on aspirin as well. Thanks for your help I feel happier knowing it's ok even if I'm limping about haha!!!! Sam x

  • Being on coumadin I also get lots of bruises. One minor bump on my arm oozed under the skin for a couple of days and turned my entire forearm to a swollen, painful dark purple/black, so I iced to get it to stop. Then once I knew for sure it was no longer bleeding under the skin I used heat for up to 4 hrs a day and was amazed at how quickly it resolved, considering how much bleeding there had been. From now on I'm a big believer in local long as I'm certain there's no active bleeding.

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