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Bruising after blood draws

I have my INR checked via blood draw and sometimes get a small bruise and sometimes not.

Last week I had a draw and the nurse had trouble getting the blood out, although only tried the one spot as far as I know.

I still have a horrible purple bruise a week later which looks like it spread down a vein.

Not sure if I should be worried about this or not. The bones in that arm are aching which may or may not be related.

Anyone else have this happen?

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Hi Tassie,

Not to sorry i get them all the time it is where the blood nurse has either poped a small vein or aggrevated where she trying to find where vein was, you only need to worry if it is warm and oain ful after a few days as your INR may be to hight and you need to lower it for it to heal.

Hope this helps



I think maybe because she was having trouble getting blood she was sucking hard and it probably did some damage. My INR on the day came back spot on my goal of 3.5.

I haven't had that particular nurse before and she was a know-it-all. I am going to refuse her touching me again.

Its not warm or painful to touch but does get a prickly sensation every so often so I guess I'll just watch it for a bit longer.

So many aches and pains all around my body I never know what is related to what and when its something I should get checked or just suffer.

I am soooooo sick of being unwell and having doctors that know nothing.


Hi Tassie

I sometimes get huge bruises at blood draw sites; my veins are hard to find and some nurses/phlebotomists cannot find them and poke about causing pain and bruising and yet, at other times, like last week, there was no bruising at all.

So, I think it is normal to have some bruising at a draw site - nothing to do with APS or INR - but sometimes you can be lucky and not have any.



keep your arms really warm. Drink plenty of fluids I try and relax and think of flowing rivers or waterfalls, It helps for me anyway. Make sure you have an empty bladder!

I have got terrible veins however painful or not I still get bruises.

Hope you have a better time next time

Karen xx


Pour a pound of rice in a sports sock. Heat in microwave for 2-3 minutes. choose the place you want the blood drawn from, keep the warm sock of rice on it from home until you are sitting in the chair for the blood draw, I also only go to the pediatric lab. They are better at their jobs. I only allow "butterflies" to be used for my blood draws. If they miss or need to try twice they need to find a new profession. I am not a "patient" patient.


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