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Bruising after ankle swelling

Good afternoon everyone.

I posted last week about the swelling of my ankle. Yesterday a bruise had appeared on the top of my ankle, an inch by an inch across, with another smaller bruise above this. There is another bruise an inch by half an inch across just under my knee (to where the initial pain had traveled to).

None of these bruises are painful to touch.

I have phoned the lupus nurse at the hospital (a message said she took calls to 12:30 and would contact tomorrow), I spoke to my G.P surgery (my G.P isn't in till next week and reception asked I wait till I spoke to the hospital tomorrow), so unsure if I should be overtly worried?

Could anyone throw any light on the bruising please.

p.s there are a couple of other things which have been happening the last couple of days ( a bit like small electric currents/sparks going off in certain parts of my brain and similar in my lower tummy) Probably not connected.

Thank you everyone.

Kind Regards


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Hi you definitely need a review in the hospital, in the right clinic, if you become worried or feel that things are really not right before then take yourself to casualty and be firm with them. I know they looked for a clot before, but you need that leg looked at sooner rather than later, to check that nothing is wrong with the bones in that part of you foot or leg, also to perhaps make sure your platelets are not too low. Trust your common sense and instincts and do not be fobbed off. I hope all is ok. MaryF


Hi Crista1, I definitely agree with MaryF who knows this illness so well.

Get yourself to a hospital. Especially as you are not on any bloodthinner yet. Is that right?

Best wishes and good luck! from Kerstin in Stockholm


I fully agree with my two colleagues.

Please go to A&E and insist that they look properly and drum into them that you have APS.

Best wishes.



Thank you for replying.

I am sat in a & e. I have asked for a scan, but the nurse said going to do another d-dimer and if is positive will do a scan. Arms, hands, legs and feet had pins and needles. A ecg done and was ok. More blood s taken. The ones from last week wern't on the system because it was down the last time I was here. She said some swelling behind knee (fluid) possibly and likely bursitis?

Think she was clutching at straws maybe although it could be bursitis?

She went to see a senior colleague.

Now waiting for results. At a loss really. Apart from begging for a scan, unsure.

Told her about the posiive antiphospholipid antibodies and the white matter hyperintensities but feel she doesn't link them up. She did ask if I spent a lot of time on my knees which did make me raise my eyebrows a little! !


Please get the nurse to check your platelets with a blood test as well as the scan! MaryF


Morning MaryF.

Arrived back home after 1am this morning. They wouldn't do a scan, although I asked them to 3 times. They did another D-Dimer which came back has <100.0 which is within the normal range I think (it did have underneath the result ****** Result changed?

All bloods looked ok.

Platelets were 331 (ref range 150-400) so ok

White blood cells 8.7 (range 4.0-11.0)

Red blood cells 4.33 (range 3.80-5.80)

The only one which looks out is HCT at 0.368 (range 0.370_0.470) low but only just out.

Absolute Eosinophil count 0.50 (range 0.04- 0.40) so high

From the Urea and Electrolytes test Urea was out at 2.5 (range 3.5- 7.4) so low

The Est. Glosmerula Filtration Rate was >90 ***** Result changed - again unsure of this

Liver profile - Total Bilirubin was 4 (range 0-22)

The first doctor I spoke to scratched her head and went to see a colleague with a possible could be 'Bursitis', but unsure. The bloods were taken and she said I would be seen by another doctor because she was finishing her shift. I waited 2 hours for the results was seen by a nurse who said everything is fine were happy for you to go home. I sat there for a couple of seconds and asked ' what is it, why did my ankle swell, why as the bruise appeared, why is there pain behind my knee and why did I get pins and needles down my legs into my feet and arms into my hands, to which he replied the doctor as said he would be happy to see you if you have any questions!!!

The second doctor said he had no answers and shrugged his shoulders when I asked him the questions. He didn't confirm 'Bursitis'. He explained that my blood results were normal (I asked him for copies for my records), that the D-Dimer had been conclusive I did not have a DVT and he was 100% confident in this and the fact I had 4 separate AntiCardiolipin blood tests did not really mean anything unless backed up?

He said ' I could see 20 patients and one tested positive for this antibody and it wouldn't mean anything'.

I then explained some of the ongoing issues ( the white matter hyper-intensities and fluid in brain) he explained this may be the reason for my dizziness. I discussed the last fit I had (woke up feeling sick and told myself I would be alright only to awake with my partner above me calling my name. I had awoken him because in his words I was making funny sounds and the bed was shaking and when he switched the light on I was rigid with my eyes rolled back in my head, to which the doctor replied ' that's a fit'!!!!!!

Came out of the hospital again feeling like a bit of a fraud and still unsure what is going on.

Whilst writing this post I have just had a phone call from my G.P surgery saying my G.P as asked for them to contact me in regards to a urine sample I had done specifically looking for blood and protein which keeps appearing and because of lower tummy pain. The reception said that it had come back showing a UTI which I had also been told I possibly had in Feb whilst at the hospital. Blood and protein had showed in the dip test they did in feb, the consultant said a possible UTI, prescribed medication and sent the sample to lab, but it came back clear for a UTI that time but no indication has to what it could be. This as happened a number of times now. I'm unsure if blood and protein showed at the lab this time and will ask the question when I pick up my prescription when it is ready tomorrow.

This may be the answer to the ankle swelling and knee and possible fluid there??

I have to admit I am scratching my head a bit. Sorry the post is a bit long. You have all been a god send and I really mean that. Thank you so much to everyone and a big thank you to this wonderful website.

Love Bernie xx


Ok, well you have done your best and so have they, as with most on here including myself, relax and keep and close eye at the same time, which I know is a contradiction but I know you know what I mean. It is also good that they are regularly testing your urine, it all sounds quite thorough actually! MaryF


Thanks Mary. Feeling more relaxed now after a chat with a good friend, I feel lighter. My doctor contacted the g.p reception whilst on leave about my meds. She is good x


I am so sorry to read of your frustrating quest for a diagnosis. Be persistent. Feel free to post here as much and as often as you wish.

If you read my post yesterday you will get this ; I can't help you through the jungle from here in West Virginia, but I'll be happy to help sharpen your machete.



Thank you Gina. I just had a vision of us sat on stools, sharpening a machete with a glint in our eyes, it did make me laugh out loud!!

Bernie x


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