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Clear liquid suddenly streaming from nose has anyone else ever had this?


This morning without warning suddenly clear liquid was streaming from my nose, it stopped then started again 5 mins later. It has stopped now and i have docs later but it was weird and abit scary, also have had alot of sudden sharp pains in my leg/hip inr later too maybe there linked?

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Hi there, I hope you have got an APS-specialist to talk to. Please find a doctor who understands and wants to help you a bit further.

Good luck today at you appointment! Kerstin in Stockholm

And beckyb. I like your Picture. Very much.


beckyb in reply to Lure2

Thankyou kerstin I havent got an Aps specialist yet waiting to hear if can see someone in manchester, the pic is from a holiday in greece :)

Spoke to soon im still leaking fluid not a good look

MaryFAdministrator in reply to beckyb

Please let us know how you get on, best of luck to you. MaryF

Good luck at the Dr. Let us know how you get on.


Saw a nice young doctor but he had no idea said maybe the weather!!! will see my normal doctor if doesnt improve/gets worse

This is so strange to read on here, as for some time now I get clear liquid run from my nose. Put it down to a slight cold but its still happening three months on. It feels a though I have a nose bleed but clear.

beckyb in reply to Dottilind

mine has stopped now but wonder if it was a reaction to something lasted about a week on and off no warning when it happens just suddenly lots of water like fluid comes streaming out.

Lure2 in reply to beckyb

Good that it has stopped now. Thank you for telling us. We learn from eachother.

Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

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