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All surgeries done!!! YAY

Hi All I just wana tell Y'ALL that I'm done for this year with surgeries! My throat swollen cuz of autoimmune diseases!!! My ENT told me when it closes, I need to go to pulmonary doc, I went to Pulmanary doc cuz I know for over 10 years I have it, but didn't want it documented! I asked my Pulmanary doc what do I do whe I have that pin hole of an airway! Yes u got she said go to my ENT! Then she said call 911 Ambulance wen u can't breathe! Oddly enuf they just don't know what to do with me!!! Lol... my knee better, no cancer & am now permanently on Lovenox! I've never felt better! Headaches mostly gone now!!! The fact that my throat swells and they say it's auto immune diseases, my sister Nanny Lynn says even tho my t3 t4 is negative she's swears I have thyroid issues! My hair falls out on occasion, I have every symptom of thyroid, but neg! As Mary told me usually having Sjogrens, APS, thyroid is usually the trio!!! I was denied my new leg! Put in appeal, but won't get leg cuz that insurance company is done with me as of Dec.31st! So they play the game! It's against the law here to deny me! I did get best insurance I cud, cuz only had one choice! I'll be paying almost double now due to Mr. Obamas grave mistake! Trump came too late for me! So now I'll get a 3rd job just to pay almost $1000 a month!!! GODSPEED

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Well done on progress and yes APsnotFab is right about Hashimotos investigations, often they forget to look at those antibodies! I hope you get a new leg in the end. Keep well. MaryF


Awe thx I pray for us all!!!


Good to hear - you are top of it


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