Anyone take Acyclovir for Mouth ulcers???

I'm at that point where my tooth was pulled over 6 weeks ago and still with mouth sores and although I have Sjogrens I'm in constant pain! Of course after 5 months of no appetite, I get my appetite back with a mouth full of sores!! Lol... I can't win!!! I can't eat I hate food cuz of my stupid mouth! I drool when I talk too much and we all know how much I talk! I'm making up for lost Tim when I was a kid I never spoke till I was about 15 cuz I studdered!!! Lol... How the heck does your saliva get re-routed and come out the side of ur lips and u get sores in the corners!!! Lol... when I put lipstick on I got 2 extra prices of lip there!!! It look like I'm purposely making my lips look bigger or had a bad Botox job! Oh I'd love to try Botox, but my luck I'll be allergic to it and become a Popular Zombie!!! Lol I don't get this Neuralgia pain and I've been told to go to a Neurologist, but don't want to waste my time or money! I think I shud call the dentist again cuz she said the tooth she pulled shud not do that kind of damage! My reply, Well u know ur dealing with Debbie!!! She laughed and said yes I forgot!!! Any suggestions on Aciclovir! GODSPEED

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  • I forget what anticoagulants are you on? Try calling pharmacist?

  • HI that sounds very tough, and yes you should go back to the dentist and make sure there is nothing else driving this along with some sort of infection? Very important to check that out. Please get better soon... and how is your iron, B12 and D doing? You don't want anything to hinder your healing process. MaryF

  • Remember I have another rare, not as rare as we are saddled with, but self diagnosed Polycythemia Vera! I have way too much iron like my Dad and my poor Mom had APS and we all thought as she walked around with a see thru plastic bag full of meds, a hypochondriac! PV is a sludgy blood disorder! Mary a very important question for you! My sis Nanny Lynn is very brilliant! She swares I have thyroid disease? I have every symptom u cud imagine of thyroid disease! Is there zero negitive thyroid disease! At time I loose my hair in big patches! But because I'm a thick headed Redhead with super rediculous thick hair my hairdresser looks at me (again) , like I got a screw loose!!! Lol... my THROAT has big trouble! Let me reiterate that these thing I have are nothing, I am us to all this! If I didn't wake up and not have pain, Oh Dear Lord am I dead!!! Lmao... So therefore if I complain, it just for info! I live my life like it's my last day! I try to make others laugh and I tru to help those less fortunate than me! I know it's kinda sick Mary, but I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but if I see someone who doesn't have what I have I give it all to them! I can't accept gifts I have a hard time receiving! I give to a fault! Just so you know there are others out there that feel it more than me! I'm ok with anything the good lord hand me, accept the passing of my Dearly Departed Son Jesse Brian! I'm just here to try to help my Beloved Brits and APS comrades and to try to get thru each and every day to make someone, anyone smile thru their problems! I just don't understand a lot Mary! I respect you and your opinion greatly! This thyroid thing has me crazy! When I go thru periods of loosing my hair, maybe at that time I shud be tested! My doctors have told me more than once I'm weird and won't go near me with a ten foot pole!!! Lol... I can only crack up at that cuz I'm special as we all are!!! I'm unique, I'm not the norm, what a compliment!!! Wow keep it coming those Egotistical Gids! I'm just trying to understand my body and anyone else's body I can help! I treasure u Mary, Kerstin Lynn, & My Fave Gentleman English Gentleman Dave! He's the definition of a Proper English Gentleman and a handsome one at that! Lol... You've all help me and my sister so much! Just a small response is so comforting! Just to know someone else out there understand! Thank you and GODSPEED!!! My sis and I are going to a concert in NYC Sunday! I surprised my sissy with a ticket to a gray guy who is an American Idol winner and Clone of my Son Jesse Brian who passed away! My sis and I are waiting any day now for a Terrorist Attack on US Soil any time now! My sis just retired and I surprised her to meet my Friend Lee for the first time this Sunday! Lynn my sis didn't wana go cuz we r waiting for the ball to drop any day in NYC!!! Wish us luck cuz I won't NOT LIVE MY LIFE BEING AFRAID! As always my thoughts and Prayers there for my Fellow Brits & PIC's !!! GODSPEED and Peace be with my friends across the Pond as we all say!!! Lol..

  • Ok also our new Admin Holly Heski!!! So sorry forgot ur name! Love ur doggy!!!

  • I suggested thyroid to you months back, the trouble is they only do the TSH, I paid privately for mine as several others have done and it showed up, now doing very well on NDT. You need to do these plus Thyroid Antiboidies, shop around until you find the cheapest place to do them: MaryF

  • Sorry Mary I forgot I already said this! The memory bad! I did take the t3 & t4 neg! So sorry I repeated myself! It won't happen again!

  • My son was on acyclovir injections for chicken pox, he was Agg sub class deficient as a baby- I use itthe cream for cold sores, never used it inside the mouth. I use glandosane (saliver spray) for my mouth, esp. Before eating.

  • Yes. Have taken Acyclovir 400 mg daily for years for mouth sores and tongue sores. It really helps me.

    During a particularly bad outbreak, I can take 2-3 a day. But I do have to take at least one a day. Nancy in West Virginia

  • Also, are you sure you don't have a type of neuralgia? Atypical forms of neuralgia can mimic dental/tooth pain. I had it for many years at beginning of APS symptoms. Adequate anticoagulation resolved most of my neuralgia. Good luck.

  • Yes I definitely have Neuralgia I just won't go to Neurologist! They stink and won't listen or help me! I won't waste my time or money here in USA for any of them!!! GODSPEED

  • Neurologists never helped me either. They told me I was crazy. Former Dean WVU Dental School figured it was ischemia/clotting problem and sent me to clotting specialist. Anticoagulants helped. Nancy

  • Yes I must get my act together! I've not taken my med regularly and am very depressed cuz I missed my cymbalta and don't like people!!! Lol... I need to stay away from those shallow ones lol... no one here understand and I get frustrated with the human race!!! GODSPEED

  • Yes since my hubby sick I have no time to even take my meds! I forget to give my shots and placid and everything! I have no time now but soon I'll start taking care! U said it, I'm not taking my shot regularly as I should so it's my own fault! Thx for the info! I'm not anicoagulated!

  • Debbie try this exercise for your mouth/tooth pain.

    1. Open your mouth about as wide as is needed to put one finger in (but don't put your finger in your mouth!)

    2. while your mouth is open, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and hold it there for the count of 20, then relax to the count of 20 and repeat.

    3. Repeat this a few times and see if it helps the pain.

    If it does not, do it a few times a day, doing 10 repeats each time and then see if it helps with the pain.

    Let me know how you do.

  • Interesting....

  • Thx

  • Spoke to oral surgeon and she said my mouth ulcers are from Sjogrens like Kirsten said and aciclovir wont help! She ordered a rince! Thx I'll try it!

  • Glad you've finally got s professional's answer😁

  • Is your mouth doing better now?

  • Still have one sore for over 6 weeks it won't go away!

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