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Update on my throat. Went to ENT Must c Throat Specialist ASAP

This is all weird to me & don't know much about this! I went to my ENT and she scoped me in her office, but couldn't see my Larynix or my vocal chords! This was due to my ARYTENOIDS (a part of the throat that helps speech, breathing, and swallowing) was extremely swollen!I think it's a joint in your throat! She said I only have a tiny opening in my airway and that's why I have trouble breathing! She didn't want me to go to emergency room cuz she said they won't know what to do! I must call these docs she gave me at a nearby hospital! They're throat specialists and have more equipment to see better than she does! This is not an allergy she said! My sister looked it up on Internet and people with RA/Rheumatoid Arthritis or any arthritis can be affected by this ARYTENOIDS joints in throat! My doctor want to rule out a malignancy! She cud have given me steroids, but not sure if it would help and she wants this throat specialist to see it as it is now! As soon as 9am comes I'll call for an appointment! She said if I don't get in right away to call her and she'd call them herself and get me in! I just hope they take my insurance! I'm very confused and uncomfortably in pain so whatever it is I hope it will be treated soon so I can speak, eat, and breathe clearly again! I'll keep u up dated! Has anyone ever heard of Swollen ARYTENOIDS before? This is a first for me!!! Thx and GODSPEED!

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This also could be caused by blunt force trauma! It was after my car accident last June that I started getting symptoms! The airbag went off right on my neck throat area! Who knows!


Hi Deb,

Good that you went to your ENT and saw that Doctor who took it serious and let you see a Specialist!

Do not forget to tell them about APS and Sjögrens and that you take Warfarin and that car-accident also. Just so they know. Write everything down. Sorry for my nagging!

Please let us know how it goes for you. I will be thinking of you.

Good Wishes from Kerstin

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Thx Kerstin! I got a Throat Specialist(Laryntologist) and will go see him 10am Friday morning! Thank you for reminding me of things! I'm going to write everything down to bring with me! He has specific equipment in his office Called a video Stroboscope! It's a tube that goes down ur throat through the nose! It will be a bit uncomfortable, but I'll know more with that! I just can't wait for Friday to be over with! Again thank you for you good wishes and I hope all my friends are well and good!!! I shall b in touch to let you know how it goes!!!


Hang in there, Debb!


Wow, Deb, you have really been through it. I hope they gave you something so you are feeling better tonight.


I am glad you have been sent to have this looked into. MaryF


good news that you got an appointment so quickly! let us know how it goes.



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