Hi had chest pains am in hospital

Hi I went to the doc on Tuesday specifically to tell him of these weak and sweating spells I've been getting! He asked me some things and I was about to tell him of my situation, he dismissed me! This is doc that's overwhelmed with me! So I got my referrals and left! I woke up this morning and felt weak then got chest pains and pain down my left arm and left hand went numb! Pain continued, but had no one to take me to hospital! I finally found the strength to take myself! It's been 15 years since my last open heart surgery so I cud be ripe! Hopefully it's my stress filled life and I'm fine! Just weak! This happened yesterday too, but was in heatwave and pt it off to that! I am having cariac catherization tomorrow morning to c if there's a blockage! There better not b cuz it will have to stay blocked! I'm so done with anymore surgeries! Maybe they can stent it! Or maybe nothing! Hope so just wana be me again! Good Luck to u all and thx for helping me! Godspeed!

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  • Hi

  • Hopefully you won't need surgery. Is this doc you went to your GP? Sounds like an idiot asks you questions then don't listen to the answers. Glad your at hospital they'll know what to do there. Take care and feel better. Big hugs

  • Most doctors never listen to the patient lol. I hope you're feeling better hun. Hugs!

  • When I had a cardiac cath in NYC it looked like assembly line stenting. I didn't need a stent, but I had a feeling most of the other patients on the assembly line did get stents. It didn't seem like much of a surgery. Just throw one in there while the catheter is roaming around your heart. Hope it turns out OK. Also, next time you have chest pain call a ambulance, or at least a cab. You could have passed out.

  • Hi Deb,

    Take care and feel better very soon!!


  • You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Do let us know how it all turns out.


  • get well soon

  • Wish you a speedy and safe recovery

  • Well this just sucks.. S sorry this happened. Let's look on the brighter side... Ask to be seen by the APS specialist while you are there... Maybe you can get some answers then if you like can use em for f/u ( follow up)! Good luck and keep us posted!!!

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