I exercised yesterday!!!!

Like most of us. I used to be very busy hard working and stayed in shape with my work and yoga! Then APS took all of that away from me. As a result I have gained a zillion pounds (ok sone exaggeration there but I do not resemble myself) I was finally able to try out the excercise machine I asked for for christmas! All exercises on this machine u are either laying or sitting. So totally perfect for someone who falls over when I just standing there. I only used it for about 7 minutes. But mentally I am stoked! Feels really good to be able to excersise some. All my attemps since the TIA'S & CVA'S OF APS have ended in failure. But this machine we can use! Its perfect I told my dr about it and she agreed that it was the safest way for me to excersise without having to be in a swimming pool. Which she suggested a while back but I prefer not to drowned if I fall or have TIA. Just wanted to share my excitement. If I can gain back some muscle and loose some weight I will feel much better about myself and that will go a long way in my day to day life!! Sorry just needed to share my excitement. No worries I am taken it real slow and easy. I injure myself in the dumbest ways and do not want my family to feel bad for getting it for me. We were all excited. :)

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  • Good for you, I have machines all over the house, in front of televisions, radios etc, I divide my exercise up into 10 or fifteen minute slots and try and do an hour a day, it does make you feel better! MaryF

  • Well done you! It does make you feel better when you can achieve something no matter how small. We have got a new recumbent bike which I try to do little snippets on too. We shall have to compare notes 😅

  • Sure. My machine lets me work all major muscles w/o standing up. U are either laying or siting. Very cool! Glad u tryn aswell. As they say, attidue is half the battle. I plan on using it two or tthree times a day in 5/10 minute spurts. Good luck!

  • It sounds exactly what I need can we have more details please is that allowed or maybe you could pm me thanks

  • Try to take it a little easy to begin with otherwise you will get pain from overdoing, but that is not dangerous anyway just uncomfortable.

    I think you are great doing this! Your family must feel satisfied also.


  • Hello APsnotFab, and a happy new year to you!

    I am just catching up on posts over the past week or so and was interested to read that you have a recumbent bike. I am considering getting one (I have a form of orthostatic intolerance/dysautonomia, alongside the APS and other conditions, for which this and swimming are recommended; although you may well know this already if you are also a dysautonomiac!) but have only a modest budget. Are you are able to offer an tips on how to go about choosing a bike? Or perhaps consider posting regarding how it goes with your new bike so we can all learn? Good wishes.

  • My advice would be to first look at reviews about recumbent bikes because there seemed to us (hubby and I) to be a big degree of the amount of backward tilt with some only reclining a very little.

    Secondly, there was also quite a lot of talk about the smoothness (Im not sure of the technical term). If you do your homework by reading reviews you will soon get a shortlist.

    Then I would strongly urge you then go to the shops that have them on display and actually spend some time (by that I mean 15/20 minutes working the bike. We had almost settled on a particular make by the research we had done, however once we got in the shop and actually tried them out, we found that there was a vast difference to the feel of them.

    Like you we had a limited budget, however what we didn't find out until we got to the shops (there seems to be two major outlets), is that they will match each others prices and what one sells the other does not except for the better makes which they both sell so its worth playing them off for the best price. When you get that realise that they all do 0% finance! I was all ready to buy it out right but when I realised this it made me realise I could go for a more expensive model, the one we really wanted, keep my money in my savings and pay an amount each month that was convenient to us. They allow you to pay a deposit amount of your choosing and to pay it off if you want with no penalty at any time. I mean why let them have your money when you can keep it in your bank earning interest!

    We managed to get a chunk off by playing the two shops off one another, they came and erected it and delivered it for free and we have the upgraded model too. They even threw in a mat to put it on.

    You can start off simply by doing as slow a speed for as short a time as you need and just build up. Don't worry about fancy programmes. I would recommend that you get one that truly is recumbent and also does not hurt your back or bum after 15/20 minutes as some seats are very hard. Also get a back that has the breathy back so that you don't get sweaty.

    Happy to tell you what we chose by PM but not going to advertise! Good Luck.

  • Thank you, this is enormously helpful! I will PM you for further details.

  • That is awesome, I was a Dance teacher, Aerobics step teacher, and Pilates trainer before my Stroke. Finding an exercise regimen is the most important component to staying fit after a devastating prognosis of APS. Stay on it, way to go!

  • Im going to give it my best! I have to I told my husband if they bought me it for Christmas and I didnt use it I will NEVER ask for another piece of excercise equipment again.

  • Now you are getting somewhere!

    An INR of 4.1 and no TIA lately and now this machine! Fantastic! Without exercise I should feel very bad. I am going to get a machine also.


  • Would love to know what machine this is? Very happy you feel motivated! It's hard to do when we suffer from this illness but every small step can work wonders for the health of your mind and body!

  • Woohoo congratulations! I remember the time I used to go to the gym, how great you feel afterwards, shattered but elated. What piece of equipment is it? It sounds ideal?? xxx

  • Good for you 👍 Please let us know, I'm intrigued what it is. I have a pedal machine that I sit in a chair and use or you put it on a table and exercise your arms.. Can't do a lot but it's better than nothing. Also, hospital physio gave me a booklet with exercises. These are very good to do. Gives me the 'feel good' factor. 😀

    Good indoor exercising one and all. It's cold out! 😀 'M'

  • Great news but like others I'd love to know the name of this machine x

  • Congratulations!! I so understand and share in your excitement!

  • Congrats! This is one of those huge gulfs between "the notmal" and those of us who are subjects of" the kingdom of the sick:"many normals just dont understand how we should miss exercising.

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