My sis got Neuropathy

My sister Nanny 23 got Neuropathy! I recently saw a post about neuropathy and my sis went to Neurolgist and didn't tell him about APS! I think my sister needs to b on Pkavix or somethings! She can't take aspirin and she does stupid things on purpose!!! She didn't want to deal with it so decided not to! What a waste! My mom had diabetes and had Neuropathy! Her doc said she got from my mom Eve tho she doesn't have diabetes! I don't believe that FOT one second!  I must go to Neurolgist/Opthomologist due to ocular migraines! Have headache everyday! Ocular today! Is that from Having SOJERNS! I finally made it to 3.7 INR and my doc says too high and lowers me!!! I felt great for 2 days! Moved furniture for 2 days! Today ocular migraines and body aches!!! I can't find any doctor on Long Island that knows anything I have more knowledge in my pinky than most doctors!!! 

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  • There are some good doctors out there,  give your new ones a chance to catch up with you.   MaryF.

  • Ps Plavix is a good one to request for your sister if she can't tolerate Aspirin!   MaryF

  • What is your therapeutic level?  Between which INR-figures has your Doctor responsible for your anticoagulation put you? 


  • They're nasty pompous donkeys!!! Lol... I was perfectly happy and healthy at 3.7! Filled with energy and feeling quite well!!! Now exhausted! Thx for responding so fast! Godspeed!

  • I hope they can help you re tune a bit.   MaryF

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