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Weak positive

Due to low grade problems including chronic migraine, but no history of blood clots my gp arranged for the three tests. Only one, Igm has come back, weak positive, score of 21 and it is being repeated at the no of the month ( 12 weeks after ). With gp approval I started taking baby aspirin but notice I am bruising much more. Do you think I should come off it until I have results of second test? Would they even treat weak positive? My migraines are much better but I have also altered some dietary things. Thanks

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Hi, you do need to speak to your GP, we can't advise you on medication, but a lot of us have taken it prior to diagnosis. Aspirin does not suit everybody but there are other alternatives, antiplatelet wise. If the bruising is not serious, the GP may encourage you to keep going, but it is important that you discuss this. Keep a diary of symptoms for the GP. MaryF


This is similar to my pre-diagnosis situation. Migraine and TIAs were my symptoms too. I was IgM positive too.

I was put on Warfarin but now on Fragmin injections.



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