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Have any of our group heard or had any experience wit B-Cell Inhibition.

I thought that had more to do with Lupus or secondary APS people ??

one of my replacement DC's asked about it and i explained that i am not Secondary .

I have looked it up and there is so much info i thought I may be better off putting this out to you all .

This new Doc. replaced my Dear DC Taylor -- she she was my rock and was with me beside me threw some awful times.

SO i am not quit sure why he popped it up but i will get back to him so that he understands i will be back to him.

may be some of you have had some more experiences with it .

I go back to him 17 Th of this month { because he screwed up and didn't get the authorization to do them , so now i have to pay for another appointment , GRRRRR. } but at least i can get them before my other shots from my therapist run out .

Thank You much - from across the pond Casey and I :-)

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Hi there, just enclosing a couple of things for you:

Both mention B-Cell Inhibition


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