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Two APS Patients Being Good Friends? The world isn't ready!

The world isn't ready for me and Jet to be buddies but I have to tell you its really nice to have someone right here and so close by that can relate and understand how serious it can be and know all the challenges.

Jet is great- yesterday he dropped everything and brought me up to my house I own about 45 min away to get the last few things out of it before the sale goes through tomorrow. He talks a LOT sometimes but what he says is usually relevant, lol and he is great company to keep!

I can see us being friends and being supportive of one another for years to come.

Yes, I am friends with tons of APS patients but none so close I stop by and have a coffee with or go swim in his pool,, go for a long drive around the lake looking for the castle (which we never did find!) other than Jet.

He met one of my daughters yesterday and you should of seen her face when I said I had met him on the internet, LOL! She wasn't sure if we were dating or just friends and I think at first thought I had just met him and seemed a little freaked out. He explained how we first knew of each other on this board that is based in the UK and the size of the world gets so much smaller as time passes by.

Thanks to HSF for connecting me to Jet and the many other patients here, there and everywhere! I am thankful you are all here for support and commiseration!

The best thing? Jet has already 'broken the doctors in' locally and now I can come in and storm them some more! Someday I am sure we will find that there are many other patients here but until then, Jet will be my local sludgeblood bestie! ;)

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That's so great for you both!! I was only thinking the other day that we had not head much from Jet and was hoping everything was ok!

It's really great when you find friends you have a lot in common with and blow what everyone else thinks.

You have one life and you should live it how you want to and be as happy as you can.

Really happy that you both have found such support in each other :-)


jet is good. He is lots of fun and full of personality! Today I am heading out to his doctors appointment with him- its a long drive away and we are taking the scenic route and my good camera this time! No more castle adventures, at least not today....

When I am waiting I will keep doing the medical release forms to have my records sent to my new docs.... so far I have a list of 17 places that need to send records!! Why can't all these specialists be in one place?!


Hi kristina

Fantastic that you two besties. :-) He's a funny guy with loads to say, good fun to chat to, glad you going to appointment with him. A good guy to have in your corner hon!

Hope all well with you,

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


I am really pleased for you both there is nothing worse than feeling like your on your own and it is great to see this community doing what it days on the tin bring people together to support one another .



Its great- I have tons of friends all over the world with APS and they are all treasures. Having one so close is a bonus. A couple more and we can start a support group!


Agree with all that has been said! My support group are my best friends cos they understand!! We have lots of laughs and I always feel better after we meet. One positive from APS!!!!


Hi Kristina I am so thrilled that you have found a friend so near with aps. You are so lucky ... don't get me wrong I love all you guys on here ... just because you know what aps does and the 'hell' it can cause, I just wish I wasn't the only one where I live ... well it feels that way any way. I wish you many years of friendship with Jet and with everyone on here too xxxx Trey xxxx


I am happy for you both that you have each other for support :)

Jet is a good bud to have, I like our converstaions that we have every now & then too!!

I am very glad you have the support of each other :)

I like having my Sheena around :) wish I could get to her more but I don't drive, but I think we are due another girly night hunny & I'm gonna arange another Hughie evening soon too :)

Take care buds all around :) xx


Hi Suzy

That be great, need a fix of my Aps friend, what a time we all having at the minute.

I love the sunny weather, but my skin doesn't :-( have a blooming abscess too, not in a comfy place either, double :-( :-(

Will catch up soon hon. :-)

Love n hugs xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Right thats settled then...I shall get on to arranging a meeting this week for maybe September? same place, same sort of thing? what do you think?

Hope to hear from you soon, give me a bell & I will try to answer it without getting confused as I seem to be doing recently if I have more than 1 thing to concentrate on!!!! Think they had better re-scan my head to see if brain in there too!!!!!

Gentle hugs hun xxxx


I wish we had more patients nearby. I actually wish Hazel and Kaz lived right next door, lol- one on either side!! I hate living across the pond!! Then Rebecca can live across the street and so can Jet.... We can have one of the top APS docs living on the street too!! LOL!


Hi kristina,

Moving their too hon, sounds like heaven!! :-) :-) :-)

Just let me know!!

Love n hugs xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


The more the Merrier Jessoelou! I would love to be so close to more patients and we would have a great time commisserating about INRs, lab results and everything else! :)


Good on you x


you gal's are the best-------- i dont know just what i would of done with out meeting you all----------------------- for this i will always be gratefull- in this life and the ever lasting . we all have it right we should all get a chance to meet in person- just another thing on our wish list---------- but for now WE DO HAVE EACH OTHER-- if not in person, in the state of mind we share, god love you all _________________ me


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