Ideas of how to increase Salt Intake

Hello - Dr has rx'd increased sodium - 2-4 t a day (to treat low BP). I have been trying different things.....Salting food just doesn't get me to this req amount, drinking 1/2 t / 8 oz water, just reeks havoc on GI and now I'm dehydrated....Has anyone else found a successful way to increase salt to this amount? About to just go back to my ol' college diet - Ramon Noodles and potato chips! See, I'm desperate!

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  • Hi do you have a diagnosis of Hughes Syndrome/APS? MaryF

  • Yes, that is one of the multiple dx. I know salt increase isn't an APS issue, but seems like APS is typically not an isolated dx - thought maybe other APS and dysautonomia folks out there for some tips...

  • Are you under one of our recommended specialists in the UK? We can't give you dosing instructions for your current BP problem, if not working for your low blood pressure you must take that back to your doctor. I used to have low blood pressure due to my slow thyroid, often missed I am afraid, due to how unreliable the TSH test is. Lots of us on here have several diseases. MaryF

  • I see Dr. Schofield here in the States for APS and dysautonomia. I know the dose I need (2-4 t) ...just am trying to figure out creative ways to get that much salt in my diet.

  • Ok, here is a useful list in case you need it:

    and these


  • Thanks, Mary. Yep, I see the Dr. Schofield - first author of your last link. Thanks for info!

  • I had same issue and due to autonomic issues. Had to increase fluid intake especially before getting up in the morning. I increased salt intake by using sea salt in food, on food, and ate a few packets of good quality potato chips and salted peanuts! As I did not used to use salt at all this has helped.

    Good Luck!

  • I started drinking 16oz of water before getting out of bed in AM w/pill/vits.   This has really helped with AM dysautonomia issues.  Good tip!  It's amazing how dehydrated we get while we sleep.

  • Hi, I have the combination of APS, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and PoTS (and a long list of other things..) and have been told to add 10g salt to my diet in addition to the 2-4g a day I usually have. Taking it as salt tablets seems much easier since adding all this salt to my food would be very difficult. My diet is normally low in salt and fat and a lot of the food naturally high in salt would also be high in fat and not the kind of food I would eat. It would also be more complicated to make sure I got the right amount every day so I am therefore going to try salt tablets. I haven’t started yet so can’t tell you the result, but this might be something for you. I suggest you talk to your doctor about taking salt tablets and the right dose for you before starting, and also what kind of salt tablets to take as some contain a lot of other stuff aimed at sports people and are high in calories. Drinking enough is very important on salt tablets, I drink around 3 litres every day.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you!

    Helen, 10 g! Yeaks, that must be tough! Even 2-4g is very difficult. My heart goes out to you! Yeah, I have salt tablets, but 12 tablets/day just to get to the low end of the dose is a little $$. And like you, I limit what I put in my body in terms of diet. I'm a vegetarian, and really like the raw foods... And yeah, 2-3 L of water a day. Good luck to you!

    APsnotFab, I've given myself "permission" to eat the salty snacks, salt my foods and drink sports drinks, since my dx of POTs last year. But alas, my salt is still too low. I am super happy this has helped you - it's like a help your BP and you get to eat cheat foods!

    I sincerely appreciate the feedback. And it's nice to know there are others out there with these same issues....(I've never posted on a chat room before!)

    And if I find any creative ways to get this salt in, without throwing off the whole eco system, I will pass it along. Take Care

  • My daughter is 22 and is also a pt of Dr. Schofield. She has EDS, POTS, and APS and she has a really hard time getting enough salt intake as well. It seems to be a problem for a lot of people!

  • I have found that 1/4tsp of salt in 8oz of water drank 3-4times a day really helps.  I try to drink with my vit/pills.  If I go to 1/2tsp I end up giving myself a "salt water detox"....not fun! 

  • Just FYI, there is the Dysautonomia International conference in DC in July if interested.  Dr Schofield (who does APS and POTS research) reccomended it.  Hoping to get more tips for controlling the dysautonomia resulting from having autoimmune.  Also great place to network....find more APS/POTS folks.  

  • Canned things and Gatorade if you can stand it. Good luck. Or you could just get a horse"salt stick" to lick!

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