How to stabilise INR

In just 10 days my INR has gone form 2.6 to over 7 (can't remember the exact number) I am awaiting a call from the GP. I was on 9mg last week - to be honest I am usually on a daily dose about 8mg so it wasn't much higher and I had gone very low. The computer dosing programme says to miss two days which I can not do as I ended up in A&E 2 weeks ago when I missed one dose as advised as I was then 5.4

My target is 3.5 to 5

At 5.4 I felt great - tons of energy and really well.

Today at over 7 I feel dreadful and have done the past few days - very very heavy and exhausted.

Before the test I said to the nurse I think this will be low as I've had a bad few days. But no, it was high.

Am having broccoli for lunch (and tea!)

If you have any suggestions I'd be grateful.


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  • watch your vitamin K intake--if you aren't consistent with it , it will lower your INR

  • Thanks jet - I thought if I had some vit K it would take me down to a safer level??????


  • Also, watch the naturally blood thinning foods such as ginger and some fruits.ginger will send my INR up every time.

  • Thanks Gina :)

    I ate vit K foods and reduced my warfarin dose (rather than cut it out completely ) and today it was 6.1 as opposed to yesterday's 7.3

    However my GP and consultant are referring me to St Thomas' as they say my INR is too unstable. They also want us to consider self checking so I can keep a closer eye on it.

    I have to say today I feel utterly overwhelmed - have allowed myself a ten minute pity party and now I must cheer up - lol!


  • I started taking Coumadin in 2006 and have been difficult to stabilize. Everyone's bodies metabolize food and meds differently. Part of my yo yoing, was the generic meds. I was in my target more often on name brand. Also, I tended to stabilize more once I switched hematologists. The first doc's office has a nurses pool who'd give me my results and frequently adjusted my dose and retested too soon. The new doc will tell me to have a large salad and then retest. I've been more successful with this approach. Try to be as consistent as you can with diet. I saw your comment about home testing, just so you know that doesn't work for everyone. I got horribly inaccurate results when using one and comparing it with the lab results. It has to do with the reagent the machine uses. Stay away from grapefruit since it can affect medication metabolization. It will get better!

  • Thanks Holly :)

    My GP tested on a machine and then via a lab test and yes you are right they were very different.

    I think I might be on a generic so I'll take a look.

    I prefer to manage this by diet changes rather than massive dose changes it seems to work better and is gentler on my symptoms. A huge dose change easily brings on stroke like symptoms.


  • I have APS and SLE and everytime I have problems with my liver my INR goes up above 6.0. within a few days With problems with my liver I mean my ASAT and ALAT are higher than normal.

    xxx Ann.

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