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Frankincense Oil

Hi all,

I am having a very tough time at the moment.

I've had a constant migraine since around April 2015. I'm awaiting a lumbar puncture to check pressures and then a release of fluid for increased intracranial pressure.

On MST & oramorph (and warfarin) but unfortunately the morphine is not helping and I am desperate.

(Also been paying £40 a week for the last 2 months for acupuncture which doesn't work either).

Background is, I've had a blood clot in my brain previously and a brain haemorrhage previously also. And have a condition called APS and possibly Behcets.

I am constantly trying to find a solution and I've read that frankincense pure oil therapeutic grade can sometimes work for some people for migraine relief.

Has anyone used this? And if so, any idea of where I can buy it from people in the UK?

Can't express how desperate I am.

I can't find any of the therapeutic grade type online anywhere really. And hoping someone out there would know where I can get it from please.

Not coping with this horrendous, agonising pain would be an understatement.

It's taken over my life and I can't cope and I'm trying everything.

Btw, I've tried mostly everything else - occipital nerve block, amitriptyline, topiramate, anti-convulsants, aspirin etc etc.

Feeling that nobody understands anymore how bad this is for me. I thought my family understood but I'm feeling that they don't understand anymore either.

This constant pain is making me have anxiety & depression so I just keep trying to look for a way out of this pain circle I'm in.

Thank you in advance and happy new year to you all.


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HI, I also answered you on the NMC forum, are you seeing one of our recommended specialists? MaryF


I will also add that it is really important that you seek further medical advice, as any new supplement or medication can drastically alter the way your Warfarin can work. Who is looking after your care, as said above it is one of our recommended specialists? It really would be dangerous to add in new things. I hope we can all help you, please do not despair others have been in your situation! MaryF

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Hi Lou - I do understand where you are as Ive been there myself. I had a occipital nerve stimulator implanted for a condition called Hemicrania Continua in 2006. Its been explanted now as it was dying and miraculously the Heparin that Im now on for my APS seems so far to be controlling the HC symptoms. They were like you intractable.

It would seem to me that you need to be referred urgently to a specialist Headache Clinic so that the type of Headache that you have can be identified and then treated appropriately. With the greatest of respect taking something like the oil that you suggest will not I fear work, and you will just be wasting your money. Unfortunately when we get so desperate we will try anything and that is so very understandable. Its also possible that you are now into a rebound cycle which makes things even more difficult to deal with.

Its really important that you are seen by the right people and I really suggest that you ask for the referral. If you can get to London I would suggest going to Kings where they have Prof Goadsby one of the worlds leading Headache specialists. If you can afford to go private then he of course has a private clinic too.

I have had a stroke and Prof Goadsby told me that some of the pain I was experiencing after my Stroke was actually post traumatic migraine caused by the traumatic brain injury. He said they would last 3-5 years and then gradually fade away. He has been spot on. Thank God I only occasionally get these now and it will be 5 years on January 24th this year since my Stroke! I don't know how long since you had your brain issues but its possible that you too are suffering similar issues. Whatever it is its very important that you see the right people and get the correct treatment and frankly taking a supplement or oil just won't cut it Im afraid. Please PM me for any contact details you may need.


Louise, I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I am sure you have already eliminated the common foods that can cause migraines such as beer, wine, cheese and hot dogs (nitrate cured meats). My son also cannot eat dark chocolate. The thing that eliminated my migraines was stopping birth control pills and avoiding cigarette smoke. I pray a quick recovery for you.


I had a migraine for over two years finally got the right doctors after two Tia ( strokes) on the brain , I have APS and lupus am on methetexate plaqunil, I have always used pepermint oil for migraines it works, I get it at a natural grocery store stateside

Good luck also my INR must be 3.5 to keep migraines under control


Before I became pregnant, I'd suffered with migraines for years! Oddly enuf during my pregnancy they disappeared! I had much trouble getting pregnant and by age 29, back in the 80's I gave up on having kids! Had early stage cervical cancer and had cervical coneization! They coned out my cervex and told me skin wud grow over the cervix and I may be able to get pregnant! Unfortunately with my luck, I got a serious infection in hospital the day I was suppose to go home! I tried to hide it at age 27, but the fever gave me up! It all happened so fast they transferred me to ICU/ intensive care unit and put me on a morphene drip! I was so confused and scared! Wen I left the hospital my Gynecologist told me I was now sterile due to the Fallopian tubes getting infected! That Hosp stay they ALSo found a Mitral Valve problem and fast heart rate! At age 29 a miracle happened and I became pregnant! It was a bit difficult at first due to pain from scar tissue! The cervical netting had just came about at that time and my GYNECOLOGIST didn't wana take any chances being I was already a high risk pregnancy! In 7th month I developed high blood pressure and they wanted to put me in hospital but begged them not to! It continued till I delivered 3 weeks early a beautiful 7 lb baby boy named Jesse! Wen Jesse was born my migraines returned with a vengeance! I was playing bingo one Friday night with 2 friends and suddenly got a bad migraine! I tuk my Fioranol and it tuk the edge off ! By the tie I drove home and went to pik up my son to feed him my arm went limp! My left side was tingling and my speech was slurping and new I was having a stroke! I called a cab and went to Hosp immediately! They said I had a TIA at age 29, they called it a migraine stroke! Also after My Jesse was born, I wasn't checked anymore for high BP! I had it for a while, but it stopped! Then my symptoms exacerbated and was DX'd with MS then fibromyalgia and on and on! I had 2 Moore TIA's very young! I think last was wen I was maybe 37! Plus I had one that showed on MRI! What I'm saying is please follow what Mary and APS not sofas and Kerstin as they've had all the experience! Take charge and don't back down! I lost my left leg a year ago yesterday! Due to not being diagnosed properly with APS! Please call and do what u do in England cuz I'm from The USA! We r so different here! We pay a lot to go to any specialist! I wish u the best and please feel free to talk anytime day or night and if I can help u I will!!!! Godspeed

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I have read this on frankinsenceoil use on inmune conditions. Not sure of the source.



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