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Leg pain


I have had a very sore leg since yesterday. Achy crampy feeling at the back of my calf and up into my thigh. It does feel a bit hot but not swollen.

I did have a dvt in my iliac vein in 2002 and it feels very similar, though not as painful (plus it was red and swollen then)

I am on warfarin since I had a TIA in June, currently on 12mg and Inr is 4.6

Should I get checked out? I am not terrifically keen on going to my local hospital because they don't seem to understand Aps and act like I am wasting their time.

Is a dvt a possibility without swelling?

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Please follow your instincts as with your previous history you need to urgently look into this, we have a list of specialists across the UK on our charity: hughes-syndrome.org/self-he...

You need your GP firstly to listen to you, if needs be VERY urgently ask for an appointment and take with you the advice of our charity and the list, also take this to the hospital. Please if you need back up take your most trusted friend, neighbour, colleague or relative to back you up articulately and push your history at them. You do need immediate help and also more realistic medical care. No you do not have to have swelling, I did not, as I was pretty fast off the mark with mine.hughes-syndrome.org/



Hi i really think you should get it checked out , as mary has said its very urgent as clots can travel.

i have had so many i am quite lucky i have a fantastic GP who sends me direct to my hospital and i have a heparin infusion to clear them . The only reason i have infusions as i can not tolerate sub cut heparin .

good luck and wish you well

Fusch in reply to rlupus

It's possible to have a day even while within range on warfarin?

tim47 in reply to Fusch

I don't think it can be ruled out. I have had multiple TIAS at 3.3, which some thought impossible, but nevertheless happened.

It is also possible that there has been a fluctuation in INR since any clot might have formed and the time INR was checked. As far as I know they don't go away because your INR increases.

Only answer must be get it thoroughly checked by medics- and don't be fobbed off.

rlupus in reply to Fusch

Hi yes it can be possible i have had clots when my blood has been 3.9!!

Just to update

My GP referred me to the local hospital but they had no staff in dvt clinic so passed me to another hospital who had no scanner

So I called my Haemo at kings who saw me and I was checked out.

No set but still in a lot of pain, no idea what's causing it

Hi Fusch,

You say that your INR is set at an INR of 4.6. That is very high INR.

As I selftest (do not know if you do that) I know that my INR change from day to day. Ex; monday 3.5, wednesday 4.3 and I did not know why this time.

So I wonder how often you cheque your INR and if they did it this time at the Kings?

Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

Fusch in reply to Lure2

It's set at 3-4 but was 4.6 last Friday

I don't know what it was yesterday but I will be getting my weekly check tomorrow

If you still have pain please follow the advice from the others and get it checked out today thoroughly by medics and do not get fobbed off!!


Sorry there was a typo before. I got scanned and no dvt. So don't know what the pain is - sciatica?

My inr is only 2.4 today. So now on heparin until it gets back up. Things just don't seem to be stable for me.

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