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Odd leg symptoms

Earlier this week I started having pain in my groin area on the left side and still have it. My left leg is swollen above the knee and very tender. Has anyone ever experienced this? What are the symptoms of a clot in the leg? I had similar experience years ago in my right leg after a complication from a biopsy that caused me to bleed. The only clotting event I've experienced was in 2005 when I got nicked in the carotid artery during my first attempt at heart surgery. I developed a hematoma in my neck that had to be extracted.

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With symptoms like that, and your previous history you MUST go to A&E now. be firm and insist they take you seriously and also do a D Dimer and also a scan, I presume you are on anticoagulation and also have a Hughes Syndrome/APS specialist? MaryF


Thanks Mary. Yes, I was diagnosed with APS after the carotid artery incident and take warfarin.


Some on here have clotted while on Warfarin, I would not hang about with those sort of symptoms, I hope you have gone to hospital. MaryF


Get thee to a Physician, right away! Yes, this is a possible blood clot...


I went to the emergency room yesterday and they did an ultrasound on my left leg. No evidence of clot or bleed but my INR was elevated. This group is a wonderful resource. It was the gentle push I needed to get my act together & get it checked.


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