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Rash photos

Two three weeks ago a person sent pics to us all with a rather nasty rash, looked almost like blisters within the rash. A 13 year old girl I know looks as though she has the same rash and the doctors are only treating her with anti-histamine and steroids. Poor kid none of it is working. She seems to have an awful lot of lupus symptoms, headaches, depression (at 13) very tired etc.

Can the person send me over a pic of the rash again, ive deleted it, so that we can atleast compare, then she can go to the docs with her mother with the picture and ask to be tested.

As per normal the doctors are putting their head in the sand.

I have seen this rash before, and it was all connected. If nothing else I personally think the poor girl should see a dermatologist.

Thanks all. Diane

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At the bottom of your post click on " rash." But I think you are referring to Picts posted earlier by someone earlier in this email. Click on that poster's name ( caligirl?) to find a list of posts which includes pictures of her rash.


Hi please google livedo reticularis, and if you are getting help for this girl, as well as the pictures from a legitimate site, also send the website for Hughes Syndrome Foundation as it clearly mentions everything about the condition plus overlapping ones also. MaryF


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