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Question about blood work

My dermotolgist wanted to do bloodwork when I went in for my annual skin check. I showed her a rash that has come and gone.

My results came with my liver enzymes being slightly elevated so she wanted to have it redone. The lab called me this morning that is need to go back again because my blood clotted while in the test tube. I have never heard of this.

Can anyone let me know about this and what it could be from?

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Blood can be collected in tubes that have a different media in them. Could have been the wrong tube or not stored correctly before testing or not tested within the correct time frame. It wouldn't necessarily be something to worry about.

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Agreed, could simply be they used a tube without anticoagulant in it. Sample errors are common


The same thing happened to me recently, but it was apparently a problem with the lab or the tube. Next time I had the test all OK.


Hi Llitteken

Do you have APS/Hughes Syndrome? This forum is for patients who have this diagnosis.



Can you please confirm if you have Hughes Syndrome/APS. MaryF


I have not been diagnosed with APS. My Dr tests for Lupus every 6 months and I always come up negative.


Are you intending to get tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS? MaryF


Yes, I do. I'm waiting to hear back from my Dr.


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