I am going on an 11 hour flight to San Fran from Heathrow, I am normally within the correct range 3.0 - 4.0 Target being 3.5, I have a self test machine which I was planning of using when I land to check my levels.

I saw my GP the other day and she said I presume you will be injecting clexane whilst you fly, I was wondering if anyone has been on a long haul flight and if you injected or if I should just test once I arrive?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!!


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  • Beth

    If GP thinks it's a good idea I'd go with it I think.

    I have injected prophylactic dose of Fragmin, when on Warfarn and flying. I'm now on a therapeutic dose of Fragmin and no longer on Warfarin.


  • hi I inject on every flight short or long ,and we have the same range

  • Hi I am on the same level INR as you. I have not flown because of my warfarin levels and am pleased to see that with Clexane it is possible. One question I do have is, Can you get medical cover for your trip?

  • Hi,

    I have travelled to portugal since being diagnoised and had no problems, so just wondered if for long haul flights it would be a good idea. Yes I managed to get travel insurance from Avanti.

    Thanks Beth.

  • If I were you I would go with the GP's suggestion, unless you actual consultant has a problem with this. I would not fly over 4 hours without injecting. MaryF

  • Hi - I had a 6 hour flight from Massachusetts to Utah in the USA, and I was advised to inject 40 mg Lovenox an hour before take off, wear compression stockings, drink a lot of water on the flight, and get up every 30 min or so and stretch my legs. (I had a Dr's note, and carried the needles on my carry on w/o issue. I also warned the x-ray techs/security that I had injectible meds in my bag that were prescribed. They appreciated the warning and I had no issue getting through the line.) While seated on the plane, I did a lot of ankle rolls, calf stretches,and shifting of position in my seat, and made sure I was in an exit row so I had plenty of room to move around. (Aisle seat is key too if you can get one.) I also advised the people to the left and right of me that I had a medical condition which requires me to be moving about quite a lot and apologized if I was a distraction to them. They were very understanding. Although it was uncomfortable to have to keep getting up...I felt at ease when moving around a lot. The flight went great! I don't track my INR since currently I am only on full dose (325 mg) aspirin daily for my APS. Have a safe flight! Don't stress - you will do great!

  • Im flying to the USA next week 9.5 hours. I will be injecting mid-flight. Ive done this before with no issues.

    Id take your GP's advise and if she says inject, Id do that.

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