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Travel Insurance success!

I thought I'd just let you know that I've found a travel insurance company who have given me an incredibly competitive price for a couple of trips I have coming up. It's the first time I've managed to find anything that I consider to be a reasonable premium for having APS. I'm off to Monaco this weekend just for 3 days, and after declaring my medical condition, the total premium for myself and my husband was £23. I will be going to Australia in November for a month and the premium for that was £65. All the others I have looked at were nearer to £300. It's Alpha Travel Insurance, in case anyone is looking for similar!

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That's great I used Direct Line which gave me cheaper than the company I normally use, however yours sounds much cheaper and I will definitely get a quote next time from them.


Ah thanks, I didn't realise direct line was an option so thankyou!



that's brilliant, as I normally pay about £350 for our usual 2 weeks in majorca holiday, and paid nearly £250 for just a week in Rhodes earlier this year too, and that was just for myself. Any chance you could post their contact details for me please, id be really grateful, as it would make a holiday a lot more affordable.

Take care



I don't know if I'm supposed to post web links so their phone number is 0845 2307439 and its alpha travel insurance. I hope they can help and that it's useful! Wow - £350 for 2 weeks in Europe is outrageous!!!!!!


Thank you so much, ive got that written down and ready for when I need it


hi try freedom ive found them the cheapest


I've never struggled getting travel insurance.. Last time we went away for 2 weeks and we paid around £35 for a family of 4 with me with APS and my daughter with mild asthma and that was with medisafe insurance. Think we went with Direct line last year when we went away.

I dont know your history but I haven't had a clot since I was diagnosed in 1999 and am a life longer on warfarin so from that perspective I suppose I'm relatively low risk.

K xx


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